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Faux Valentine Chocolate box

faux box of choclates

Faux Valentine Chocolate box Did you end up with a bunch of Christmas tins filled with goodies?  Now what do you do with all those left over Christmas tins? Now you probably don’t feel like storing those tins for an entire year but wait! Before you throw them out or donate them to good will […]

Robot Valentine kids tutorial with free printable

nuts and bolts 8

Robot Valentine kids tutorial with free printable I made these valentine robots 5 years ago when my son was in preschool! Back then printables were just coming to light and if you made them, you were probably a graphic designer. The first time I made these, I typed up the saying in word and then […]

Valentine burlap door mat

valentine rug 1

Valentine burlap door mat I found my inspiration here. She had purchased her door mat at target. Then she wrote the words and heart on. I had these awesome rooster rugs lying around. I purchased them from the dollar store a while back. I cut some white fabric and mod podged it over the rooster […]

Valentine mini cards

mini card blender

Valentine mini cards I like to give out handmade cards.  Sometimes I just want to write a shot note and I dont have enough to say to fill an entire card.  I like to make these mini cards! You can write a quick short note and it is filled.  These cards are 3×3, such a […]

Valentine bubble gum airplane

valentine bubble gum airplane

Valentine bubble gum airplane Here is fun valentine and even the kids can help.  I purchased the bubble gum in 3 packs from the dollar store.  I used my silhouette machine to cut out the 3 different sizes of rectangles and circles for the wheels and propeller. You can also use a paper cutter, punches […]

Valentine chip board earrings

valentine chip board earrings 1

Valentine chip board earrings This is a fun little valentines project.  It is easy enough that Tweens or teens could help or make on there own.  You will need chip board circles. Mine are from a pre-printed pack of chip board designs. The circles I used measure about 1 1/2 inches.  I also used some […]

Burlap Heart Door Hanger & Pillow

burlap heart pillow

Burlap heart door hanger & pillow   Yes, I am on the burlap kick, like the rest of the pinterest and crafting world. I love the texture of burlap and think it compliments almost any color pallet. I have made a few other burlap door hangers you can check them out here and,here.  For Valentines I […]

Valentine Mini burlap wreath and chalkboard

valentine burlap wreath

Valentine Mini burlap wreath and chalkboard My inspiration came from here  Mine is a mini burlap wreath. She made a full size wreath and used book pages. I honestly just used junk!!! I had lying around my house. I had this platter, that I wasn’t using anymore.  I sprayed it with chalkboard paint and that […]

Strawberry Chocolate chip bunt cake

cake slice

Strawberry Chocolate chip bunt cake I love a moist dense cake or cupcake!!! I know some people like them nice and light and fluffy, not me! A few years ago a friend served a lemon Bundt cake at a party. It was to DIE for!!! I asked for the recipe, she was so kind to […]

Valentine Owl favors

valentine owls

Valentine Owl favors I made these darling valentine owl favors. I found them here she has a pretty detailed amazing tutorial on how to put these together. I changed a few things on mine. I glued a piece of paper in the bottom of my owl. Then I filled them with valentine candies. I also […]