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Customize a globe


globeFor my friends daughters wedding she really wanted a globe with the saying “Anywhere you go let me go too” on it.  My friend asked me if this was something I would be able to do and so  I took on the challenge.  Using my personal cutting software I First I typed in the saying “Anywhere you go let me go too” and selected a font that I thought would look classy on the globe.  Next, I cut the saying out of black vinyl using my personal cutting machine.  (This was the easiest part of my creation)

I actually let this project sit for a few weeks while I mustered up the courage to apply it on the globe.  I was worried about getting the wording on straight with the curvature of the globe.  I finally bit the bullet and started by applying the middle of the vinyl in the center of the spot I wanted and then worked my way out to the edges of the vinyl.  To my surprise it went on really smoothly and turned out pretty straight and even.  Adding a vinyl saying or design to a globe is a fun way to customize it for décor or any occasion.

globe reception

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