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Cookies for Santa Plate gift set

cookie for santa plate

This little set was put together for my #Secretclever which is another craft blogger that the Clever girls network hooked me up with. The goal was to not make ourselves known until we sent the gifts in the mail.  So, the girl who had me was completely different then the girl I sent to.  It […]

Trendy Christmas Count down block

trendy count down

  Round 2 of count down’s for me this year. In an earlier post we made Vintage count down boards for our local women’s shelter. My son has weekly visit’s at a Dr’s office. The staff that the clinic are amazing. What 9 year old would actually like going to get weekly shots? Well mine […]

Timber Wood Candy Cane

candy cane

Six or seven months ago I attended a fundraiser auction and saw a large wooden candy cane that I absolutely fell in love with. The Candy Cane was donated and sold in the Auction for around $100.00  I couldn’t afford that but wanted to recreate one so I tried to figure out who made it […]

Last minute Christmas Gift ideas with free printables

jesus reason season

A few last minute Christmas Gift Ideas with free printables Are you looking for something quick, cute and inexpensive? Did you forgot someone on you list? Here are 2 quick and easy last minute ideas for you. I was at the store and saw a bag of Riesens, and bam I thought Jesus is the […]

Mini cocoa bar with free printables

Cocoa Bar

Make your own mini cocoa bar with free printables Avry is the girl who has everything!!! This year for Christmas, I was having a hard time figuring out a gift for her. She kept talking about how she wanted to make a cocoa bar or station. Her plan was that it could be small enough […]

Vintage Christmas signs

candy cane sign

Vintage Christmas signs Yes, I still am on a vintage kick Here are a few more Vintage inspired Christmas signs. The candy cane sign was a miniature doll house sign I found here I wanted to re-create it. I painted a Board cream, Then I used a reverse stencil technique. I cut my stencil using […]

Old Fashioned car Decor Board

old fashioned car and tree

Old Fashioned Car Décor Board I love the movie A Christmas story, it is one of our family traditions to watch this show every year. Usually when you talk about this movie, the leg lamp always comes to mind first. For this project. I was inspired by the old fashioned car, and the family going […]

Vintage Christmas money tree dime card

money tree single

Vintage Christmas series “Re-make of a vintage Christmas money tree dime card” When my mom was a little girl, she remembers getting a “money tree card” from her grandma. She remembers how fascinated she was with it, how the dimes would pop in and out of the spots. My mom came to me and asked […]

“Vintage Count Down Chalkboards”

count down board mine

Vintage Christmas Week “Vintage Count Down Chalkboards” Women’s Shelter project Back in October, My sister had a lady contact her from our local women’s shelter. She asked if we could make and donate a craft, that could be sold to raise money for the women’s shelter. We accepted the challenge, and then the hunt for […]

Vintage inspired vinyl decal platters

vintage inspired platters

“ During the after Christmas sales last year. I picked up some of these giant platters at 90 percent off. I pulled them out about a month ago and have been waiting for some inspiration, on what to do with them. I have been on this White and red tone vintage vibe this year. So, […]