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Theater room lighting

Theater room 1

There is nothing better than going to the theater and being able to see the floor when you walk because of the awesome pathway lighting.  Krystal has a Theater room in her home that we have spent many of hours watching movies in.  The theater room has a cozy feel with two large leather couches that have recliners in them.  […]

Irish Blessing Decor’

irish bless fin

Irish Blessing Decor’ I love these Irish blessings or proverbs.  I saw some that were very complimentary and nice, but I love a good laugh.  That is why I choose this one.  I used some wood scraps I had kicking around.  I painted them black first.  Then found this great geometric pattern.  I cut a […]

St. Patrick’s no sew burlap banner

St-patricks-burlap-banner copy

St. Patrick’s no sew burlap Banner   Here is another quick 20 minute project that I did using scraps I already had on hand. I cut 5 triangles out of burlap (you can do any size of triangle that you choose). Then I cut a long 2″ x 36″ strip of patterned green chevron fabric. […]

Lucky Sign

lucky skinny sign

Lucky Sign This isliterally  a 15 minute project!  I painted this tack strip black, cut a contact paper template using my silhouette machine, stuck the template onto the board and painted all letters green except the “u” horseshoe shape.  For the horseshoe I used mod podge and the sprinkled gold glitter ontop of the wet […]

Lucky Clover seed packs “Free printable’s”

seed 4

Lucky Clover seed packs “Free Printable’s”   I came across this darling pillow in an etsy shop.  When I clicked to look, it was no longer available. Ahhh rats!!!  I may just have to make myself one!  The idea got the wheels spinning in my head.  I thought how cute would it be to design some […]

Shamrock Glass Gem Jewelry

sham 7

Shamrock Glass Gem Jewelry This really isn’t a new concept at all. I just tweaked another way to use these. Remember about 8-10 years ago, it was really popular to glue scrapbook paper on the back of these jems and add a magnet? Totally the same thing here! I just stepped it up a notch […]

St. Patrick’s Pillow Boxes


St. Patrick’s Pillow Boxes Being a crafter I am always looking for opportunities to craft and it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small item. I also loving sharing the crafts I make with others. Although I don’t always have the time or resources to make big item’s to give away I enjoy making […]

St. Patrick’s “Lucky” Marble Frames

lucky marbles

St. Patrick’s “Lucky” Marble Frames I made these Valentine marble frames that I saw back in 2010 from Tater tots and Jello. I have loved them so much and I pull them out every year to display. I decided to use the same idea and make similar marble frames for St. Patrick’s day. I decided […]

Herringbone valentine board

herringbone board single

Herringbone valentine board I am in love with the color GOLD right now!!! (I think I’ve mentioned this before) But I’ve noticed that the color Gold has made a huge come back and it is so popular right now. I knew I wanted to create some Valentine décor that included a gold element so here’s […]

Rustic Jute heart love board

Love board

 Rustic Jute heart love board I saw this idea on Kammys Korner and fell in love with how simple and natural it was. As I was walking into my garage one day. I saw the pile of hardwood flooring my brother had just brought me. I knew these hardwood planks would be perfect to remake […]