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Halloween Kitchen hand towels

Halloween Kitchen towels Collage

Halloween kitchen towels I am loving how the Iron on Vinyl is washing up on fabric! It doesn’t peel or lift! Krystal picked up some cheap towels at the dollar store She picked through all her Halloween ribbon then cut out some cute Halloween Iron on Vinyl on her Silhouette. Iron on Vinyl is easy […]

Glittered Bewitching Shoes

Glittered witch boot

Glittered Bewitching shoes If the shoe fits! There is nothing better then a dose of glitter.. on witch shoes! I took a wood block – of course it was a left over from one of my other many projects. I didn’t cut the wood or alter it. (that is why each one is a different […]

Skeleton Arm Couch Pillow


Skeleton Arm Couch Pillow Cutting Iron on vinyl with your vinyl cutter (Silhouette or Cricut) resembles using regular vinyl. The only difference is that you have to do everything reversed or backwards because you cut from the back of your iron on vinyl instead of the front like you do with regular vinyl. The template […]

Trick or Treating this way!!!!


Trick or Treating this way Sign Trick or Treat!!! So, excited for this time of year and I can’t wait until those little kids come to my door all dressed up! For this project I used 3/4″ pine and cut it 12″ x 7″. I painted it with just a basic craft black paint. I […]

Halloween Candy Collectors Sign

halloween candy collectors

Candy collecting? I’ve seen a few versions of Halloween Candy collectors signs but you should all know me by now! How can this be done as cheap as possible? Supplies needed: Small silver platter from the dollar store Tulle or ribbon of your choice Black Vinyl and a Vinyl cutter. (spray paint for reversed effect) […]

How to throw the Ultimate Witch’s Brew


Annual Witch’s Brew It’s been 4 years since Krystal and I hosted our first annual Witch’s brew. We invite up to 45 ladies and usually have about 25 that end up attending. We want to make sure that every guest #1 knows they are invited #2 Dresses up and #3 goes home with a lot […]

Square Wood pumpkins

Square pumpkins

Square wood pumpkins These pumpkins were made from left over pressure treated posts that I used for my Trellis I just had hubby cut them to the 3 sizes I wanted and started to get creative. Krystal cut scrapbook paper and glued that onto her set While I attempted to hand paint / stencil mine! […]

Witch hat party favors.

witch hat party favors distant

Witch hat party favors Recycle and repurpose! I am using baby food jars again! clean out the baby food jar really well and remove any gummy residue with goo gone. If there is ink writing on the jars you can remove it with rubbing alcohol. Pick out some cute scrap book paper and cut large […]

Halloween mesh wreath and front porch

Halloween wreath

Halloween mesh wreath This year my front porch needed something different. I wanted to coordinate it a little bit more with my Dead and Breakfast sign. So bring in the skeleton’s, spiders, and some black and white! Here is a new wreath I made from my front door. This cost approximately $7.00 total. The super […]

Pedestal Witches Hat

Pedestal Witches Hat distant

Pedestal Witches Hat Wow! I actually had a lot of fun creating this little witches hat. This was a FAST and CHEAP project! Krystal had picked up some ugly cream and brown candle sticks at a garage sale. She spray painted them black. I then used crafters glue and filled in the design on the […]