Boot camp for you??

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Experience a comprehensive physical conditioning program that brings together one-on-one training with a team-oriented motivational environment. Join a team of others and work to achieve positive results

So I told myself at the beginning of the year that I was NOT going to “diet” as one of my new year’s resolutions instead I was going to just start eating a little healthier & see what happened. Then my work introduced a program called “Evco Fit” which pays out $500 (of anything you do or purchase towards getting healthy) at the end of the year for losing 10% of your body weight & keeping it off until the end of the year. HMMM now that sounded tempting – So get fit, lose weight & earn $500 in reimbursements to do it at the same time?? OKAY GAME ON!
Since January 1st I am down 12 lbs. but was at a stand still on the weight. I felt like I could kick it up a notch by enrolling in a BODY BOOT CAMP!!

Day 1 body boot camp:
Hi my name is Avry – I walked through the door & a 30 lb vest was attached to my chest I was told this would be my best friend while I worked out.

Day 2 body boot camp: Nothing like feeling the urge to throw up while working out with my bestest friend the vest! You mean to tell me my legs are going to burn like this every day???

Day 3 body boot camp: 40 push ups for being 4 minutes late?? No problem! because I am soooo physically fit that is why I signed up! Just to show everyone how well I can do 40 push ups. After about 10 I think I started to hate every person in that room staring at me not to mention I already feel the urge to burn the damn vest!

Day 4 body boot camp: 100 feet later on the ladder I vowed I would NEVER EVER forget my towel & food log again! Another 50 feet taught me about honesty in eating that delicious reeses peanut butter cup! I never knew I would be punished for being honest. SIGH… I am not a quitter!

Day 5 body boot camp: And she’s down… the treadmill got the best of me and I BIFFED IT! Yep in front of my entire group & trainers.. I tripped while getting off the treadmill- DANG IT I thought my 30 lb best friend would have cushioned my fall but NOOOO.. That is when the tears started to fall, I think more from pride but I will say boot camp made me cry!

I ended up at the Doctor’s office wondering if my ribs were broken. Thank goodness they were not but I did have rib seperation where the tissue/ligaments holding the ribs together were torn causing my ribs to make a lovely popping noise.

Luckily the doctor gave me some pain killers & sent me on my way. LOVE MR. DOCTOR!!

Saturday was finally a day off from boot camp & we were off to Justin’s work event. Now this is a driver’s banquet that only happens once a year and I was looking forward to it!
So I would feel nice for the event I decided to take a pain killer for the ribs. I started feeling a bit dizzy & next thing I knew I was begging Justin to pull over on I-15 so I could throw up. That is how the rest of my night went. Sitting at the banquet supporting Justin then running to our hotel room upstairs to throw up. then running back to support him, then looking for the closest garbage can to throw up in and so forth and so on. All the while sporting 3 inch heels that are showing off my well defined calves from 1 week in boot camp.
I will NEVER take another pain killer as long as I live- Ibuprofen works just fine Thank you!
Well it is week 2 and I went back for more. (abuse that is) Great thing is I was down another 2 lbs. yesterday! I think that is just from throwing up so much though.

Well before I sign off I want to make sure there is no confusion- Yes, I am paying for this..

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  1. tiff snedaker says

    LOL – Boot Camp sounds like great fun. Nothing better than a workout kicking your butt. Sorry about the fall, that really bites. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Jeralee .... Is Living It Up says

    I feel your pain on the rib. Good for you on sucking it up and going back this morning, even though you were hurting.

    I don’t like pain killers either, they make me nauseous!

    It sounds like you are getting your money’s worth.

    Ah pushups… I LOATHE push ups.

  3. Annika says

    Wow, you are inspiring! That is so great and you are so great for doing a boot camp. I think I wouldn’t sign up. I am impressed! Sorry about the rib pain and night of throwing up. That does not sound fun but way to go with losing pounds!! Hope this week is better for you 🙂

  4. LIFE IS GOOD! says

    OK ROFLOL. Thanks I needed that. Boot camp sounds intense. I know I can’t do 40 pushups. How long are you signed up for? Sorry for the ribs. My favorite friend has been my heart rate monitor and its little beep, beep that tells me I am not in my fat burning zone. Its the food that keeps me at a stand still.

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