Go Kaden GO!!!

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Kaden has always had the determination to try anything. When he was 5 years old he asked for a snowboard for Christmas even though he had never been snowboarding he still was determined to try. He didn’t get the snowboard for Christmas so for his sixth Birthday in July he asked for it again, still not getting it. By the next Christmas I learned that once Kaden sets his mind to something he does NOT give up on the idea until he gets it. So I bought him the snowboard & from day one he has taken it on & loved it. He was this way with wakeboarding also he kept trying over and over and over again until he “got it” Never giving up. When Kaden makes up his mind on something he doesn’t give up until he has it down. He has taken on so many activities that I never imagined he would. He LOVES to golf & would golf every day if he had the chance.

So when Kaden told me he was signing up for Track I knew this would be something he would give it his all. He has been in track for over a month now running 5 days a week every day after school. He had his first track meet 2 weeks ago & somehow was entered into the wrong race so he ran against kids who had been running for 3 years. He came in last in his race (the 400) on that first track meet.

For the first time ever I truely felt what it was like to want something so bad for your child. I have never felt that before until now. Kaden has never really competed in anything except little league basketball, soccor & baseball (and that doesn’t count) 😉 But I watched him before the race & I knew how nervous he was. I have never been more proud of my son to see him go across that finish line. It felt good to cheer & whistle my boy on. He felt bad about coming in last on that first race but to me all that mattered is that he finished the race.
The next meet he did a relay race in his own heat. Due to it being a relay it was more of a team effort to win rather than on his own. His team did really well on the Relay. He has worked so hard!
Here are some pictures of him at this most recent track meet.

Lining up.

1/2 way done!

I must say .. this was one of those proud parent moments. Now if I could only get him to work that hard on his grades!!! 😉

From Craft, post Go Kaden GO!!!

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  1. khicks says

    I think it’s great to have your kids involved in sports. Good for Kaden!!!!! Oh my gosh, you’re going to have a TEENAGER this summer. Man, I felt old the day Courtney turned 13.

  2. Jeralee .... Is Living It Up says

    I am also all for having kids involved in sports. I am proud of you Kaden! If he continues to stick with it, he is going to be really good, particularly with those long legs, he should get a good stride going.


  3. Monthigos says

    That story reminded me when I did track my first year in Junior High school. I consistently came in last in every race almost the entire season.

    Then the last race of the season I decided on the last lap that I wasn’t going to finish last. I literally sprinted almost the entire lap (it was either the 1600 or the 800). I ended up passing more than half the people in the race and ended up finishing in the middle. To this day that is still one of my most memorable moments.

  4. Neal and Suzanne says

    What an awesome blog update!!!

    Your 5K experience was so impressive. You go girl !!! Your the best Mom ever to get your whole family to run with you. You were so cute to cheer Sav and Sam on, Thank you, Thank you for being so great to them.
    Love G&G

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