More energy!!

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Results after just one month of Body Boot Camp:

1. I can run for a solid mile and a half WITHOUT STOPPING!!

2. I have more energy!

3. A white pair of pants I bought 2 years ago that I could never get past my knees can now be pulled up & buttoned (still a bit tight) but SOON I can wear them on a regular basis!

4. I can do more than one push up!! (although I still extremely dislike them)

5. I have noticed how sluggish I feel when I don’t eat healthy!

6. I have officially stopped looking at the scale everyday! I refuse to let the scale determine how I feel.

7. My son challenged me to do a 5K with him on June 5th & I am going to do it!! I have one month to work on being able to run the full 3 miles.

8. I have learned to eat a carb with a protien every 3 hours.

9. I learned a treadmill can incline up to 15 (yeah I know dumb but when you have never seen a tread mill go that high it is pretty exciting)

10. I have learned that just when I want to stop is when I keep going.

11. I am a lot stronger physically then I ever thought I was.

12. I have pushed through the pain in my knees & now they don’t hurt anymore when I work out. I learned that the reason they hurt is because they aren’t being worked enough so when you do work them it hurts. Now that I work them every day the arthritis in them doesn’t hurt anymore

13. I went to the Doctor and was told I didn’t break a rib then got a call from the radiologist 3 days AFTER going back to boot camp that I did indeed have a hairline fracture… Yep I learned that excercising through it made me a stronger person.

14. I am taking accountability for what I put in my mouth.. and I pay the price if it isn’t good for my body.

15. Also it has boosted my self esteem (not that it was low to begin with) but I feel REALLY good & a lot more positive about life.

16. I have learned tools & exercises to incorporate in my daily life – exercises that I can do at home if I want!

17. I have learned that when I get tired at work or in the evening to get up & MOVE.. it produces so much more energy!

Okay I will quit rambling.. I am just excited about how I feel! 🙂

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  1. khicks says

    That's so great Avry!! I get on a kick every once in awhile and am all gung ho for about a month, then I fizzle out & fall into old (bad) eating habits. Any secrets??? I love to exercise though. Except push-ups and planks. I HATE those. Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Avry and Justin says

    Karen I would LOVE to do it all the time but it is very very costly. I am hoping to learn enough that I can do the same work out’s at my normal gym when I am done. It has been very good to teach me about eating patterns/habits too.

  3. tiff snedaker says

    Awesome – I’m sure you are looking hot!
    That’s amazing how much you have accomplished in such a short time. Sorry about the fracture, I can’t believe you just worked through it!

  4. Jeralee .... Is Living It Up says

    I am soo proud of you AVE! I know the pain you speak of with the rib. I worked through a greenstick fracture and still sparred. It hurt like no tomorrow, but it does make you stronger mentally! WTG.

    Great new goal of running a 5K! I really like the way you put #14

    And pushups never got any funner for me. grr…

  5. LIFE IS GOOD! says

    Great job! That is so awesome. I know your pain with the arthristis and that is the secret to keep moving and then it doesn’t hurt. Can I come run the 5 K with you?

  6. Avry and Justin says

    Mom I found out the race it on June 1st not the 5th. So on a Monday night. Deadline is today and then price goes up & no free t-shirt. So call me today or I can call you.

  7. Aurelia says

    That is so cool ave! I think the more you do it the more easier it would get!
    I think once you get used to it, you can do it on your own, without having to pay for it.

    Way to go!

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