Running – It’s all about pain management

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I am old.. okay so not really I just FEEL old especially next to my 12 year old son that can run 3 miles in 19 minutes.
Maeli’s school did a fundraiser 1 mile fun run / 5K race. My family didn’t know that the 1 mile race was an option because I told them it was only a 5K and signed them up for it. Justin gave me a hard time when he realized there was the option of only doing a mile. Had he known that I think he would have done the mile instead. I am so sneaky aren’t I?? I figured if I had to endure the pain so should the rest of my family right??
We didn’t think Savanna and Samantha were going to be there with us but they ended up being there and doing the 5K with us.
It was on a rather warm Monday evening (June 2nd) and boy was it hard to run when it is 80 degrees outside. I kept at a steady pace but know that I wouldn’t have done so well had it not been for Maeli. She was a definate trooper! She kept saying “Come on mom you can do it” or “Don’t stop running mom”

A week before the event we did a trial family run to see how everyone would do. Maeli was at the tail end so I worried how she would do at the race but she surpassed my expectations and came in FIRST PLACE for her age group. I was soo excited for her – Here she is receiving her metal.

Kaden and his friend (aka my second son) Adam ran at the front of the group the entire time finishing it at around 19 minutes. Justin came in second for our family a few minutes behind Kade (he didn’t get his time) then myself and Maeli finished it at 29 minutes. They had water bottles, apples & fruit at the end and a metal for everyone who finished

We waited and waited for a few more minutes before Justin started to worry about Savanna and Sam. He kept wanting to jump in the glorious golf cart to find them but I told him absolutely not because they deserved a chance to finish it without daddy rescuing them. Samantha came walking around the corner around 40 minutes after the race started & she started walking towards me I started to yell “Run Sam Run!” Then she realized there was a finish line with the faculty of the Elementary school cheering her on. She took off in a dead sprint with a huge grin on her face. I wanted to cry watching that moment as she realized she was done! An older lady came up to me right after that moment & told me that Sam had walked and talked to her the entire time. That doesn’t surprise me as Sam will make friends with anyone. I wished I would have gotten that ladies name as I am sure she would have loved visits from Sam 😉
We waited some more and Savanna finally rounded the corner walking with a family from our Ward. She too had walked the entire race and came in very last.. Whether she was last or not though I LOVED LOVED LOVED that she didn’t quit & finished the race also. I am so proud of my entire family it was definatly a GOOD family activity that supported our community. I am hooked & have signed up for another one on June 27th. I am hoping to shave a little off my time for the next one.

Kaden and I before the race

Justin & Maeli after the race

Maeli and I after the race

Kaden & Adam

Sore legs, sore arms and a few shin splints later I think my family did have fun!

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  1. tiff snedaker says

    Wow, 29 minutes is a pretty good time! That's great that Kade did it so fast and Maeli won for her age group? Way cool 🙂
    Glad that everyone finished. That's the best attitude to have.

  2. LIFE IS GOOD! says

    Great job! Yep thats the best that everyone finished. No quiters in your family. The week after is 4th of July. If Menan still has their race, Geoff and I will be doing it. So you can come also. I don't think they charge anything or have sign ups. Its whoever shows up

  3. Jeralee .... Is Living It Up says

    Kaden's time is pretty darn good! What an accomplishment for all of you. Much more impressive than say, sitting around and having an icecream eating contest. LOL!

    Love the family pictures – definitely worthy of Christmas cards. 😉

  4. Kalun and Kristi says

    That is so cool. Kalun and I have done a couple 5k's. We never run them together though because one of us has to watch the kids. 29 minutes is so good! My last time I just got was 27:10. I was so excited. It's funny that we find ourselves fighting over who's turn it is to run and who has to watch the kids!

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