5K and 4th of July

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So I did it again.. there is just something empowering about being able to complete a 5K. On June 27th I joined in on the fight against Scleroderma (which is a skin disease) and helped raise money for the foundation by running in this 5K with my two friends Andrea & Mackel. My time was not as good as the first 5K I did, but it didn’t help me that I didn’t run the whole week before the race due to being up in Idaho. But I felt good that I completed it.

We turned around and went up to Idaho again for the second time in 2 weeks for the
4th of July. Since living in Utah I have been very disappointed in the firework displays here in Utah & wanted to show Justin how much fun the firework display in Idaho Falls was. Might I say he was very impressed & agreed they were the best firework display he had ever seen. He said from the very beginning it was like the Finale’ of most other firework shows.

We woke up Saturday morning & journeyed to the parade where we sat for 2 hours watching all the floats go by- the kids enjoyed popsicles & the candy that was thrown at them. After the parade we went to IGGY’s sports grill as a family & ate. Kaden had fish tacos that he swears were just delicious along with a raspberry lemonade & some nachos.

We headed up to the Heise area where my brother Geoff showed us his sweet rock climbing skills. Justin joined in on the fun but I sat in the lawn chair and watched.. I didn’t feel up to climbing in the the 80 degree weather & in my flip flops.. maybe another time.
Here is Justin looking like my own spider man!!

Geoff & Justin

Kaden & Grandpa went golfing out to Jefferson hills while we were up at Heise rock climbing. Afterwards we headed down to Idaho Falls to stake out our spot by the river 5 hours before the firework display. We walked along the river & ate at the booths that were set up. Now at this point my little Kaden had eaten a hot dog for dinner, an italian soda, mountain dew, donuts, funnel cake, candy & licorice.
Good healthy Fourth of July diet!!

So after eating cereal, fish tacos, nachos, strawberry lemonade, hot dogs, funnel cake, popsicles, candy, mountain dew, donuts etc. Kaden decided his stomach was hurting and he began to throw up while waiting for the fireworks to start. I felt so bad for him.. But after it was all out of his system he felt fine again & was ready to eat.. I banned him from eating.

Here is Kaden with my mom taking a little nap before the fireworks!

Savanna being bored waiting for the big show.. which she fell asleep 3 minutes into it.

Justin & my dad hanging out!

Sunday we barbequed on my parents deck with my mom & dad, Geoff & Cheryl then headed back home.
We had a great Fourth and enjoyed my parents hospitality!

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  1. Steve says

    I hear Idaho Falls has a great show. Chase was throwing up one night last week from his junk food day of eating as well! Glad you had a great 4th!

  2. khicks says

    Sounds like puking was the thing to do after the 4th. Karly stuffed herself with junk & left a nice mess for me to clean up in the bathroom that evening. Fun fun.

  3. Jeralee .... Is Living It Up says

    Idahos Falls DOES have the best fireworks display. We have way too many trees here to see anything very clearly, and they aren't as spectacular.

    WTG on the 5K… sounds like running really suits you. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. LIFE IS GOOD! says

    Way to go on the 5 k. I keep thinking I will do one this summer. We will see. It was fun having you up here for the fourth and glad Justin could see what a good display of fireworks are.

  5. Michele says

    I kept thinking we would run into you guys at the fireworks, but never saw you. Where were you guys staked out?? lol We were behind the Best Western Cotton Tree (the one by Denny's right off the freeway). We walked clear from there to the Falls and back. I LOVE the IF fireworks. They were as wonderful as ever, but I could hardly hear the music as we only brought one radio for like 30 people!! lol Anyway, I will post pics and if I can a couple of video clips on my blog later (gotta catch up from my month long vacation! lol)

    I wish we could have gotten together while I was there. Hopefully next time!

  6. Monthigos says

    Good job on completing another 5K! We will definitely be running together when I come back. And whoa! I almost didn't recognize Justin without his goatee! Looks good.

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