New Moon

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Yeah Yeah I know I am way behind on blogging but hope to catch up.
A NEW MOON has made it’s appearance and this is what happens to women all over the country hear the words EDWARD or JACOB

My sweet sister Tiffany bought us tickets to New Moon the movie at the Gateway in Salt lake. We got the “Team Edward” themed package & they did not disappoint. Although after seeing the movie I must admit I was drooling over Jacobs body but Edwards face.. I am a sucker for a man with a strong jawline.

Before the movie Tiffany & I shopped and found some killer deals! We ended up smelling beautiful from all the perfume samples we kept spraying, used tons of coupons at Bath and body works to walk away with $100 worth of product for only $30
Then made our way to Aeropostale for some matching lounge outfits.
We ate at z tajas and even endulged in some pumpkin cheesecake!
I felt very proud that at one moment I even got hit on by a guy who worked at The Buckle… mmm he was hot and I think I was blushing for a solid 10 minutes afterwards. I haven’t had someone younger and that good looking hit on me in a LONG time. I felt young and HOT again 😉 Tiffany was laughing at how he told me my butt looked good in the jeans I was wearing. Here this guy sells $120 jeans all day long and if he only knew that I got mine on EBAY for $1.00 with $9.00 shipping.. a whopping $10. HAHA I am not dumb enough to pay $100 for a pair of jeans! I sure fooled him though didn’t I?? okay back on topic

After some more shopping we headed to the highlight of the night

Even with prepaid tickets we stood in line for a while

But even in line Tiffany and I laughed hysterically at all the things we got to make fun of.. including the DIE hard Twilight fans in front of us.

I must say that the girl on the back of that jacket does NOT resemble Bella.

While in line I got a little action with Edward.. or er umm.. a poster of Edward – yep folks I was acting like a giddy high school girl.. I was laughing so hard at some of these shots that Tiffany and I got!

The themed movie was more than I expected. We recieved all sort of fun items from vampire teeth, to free popcorn, drinks, stickers, nail polish, chocolate, dog tags, and even a license plate cover that says “Faster than a speeding Cullen” pretty clever!

I love that my sister and I are so close & that we were able to spend some time together (without kids or anyone else) I laughed harder that night then I had in a long time!
Tiff this one’s for you since you inspired me!!!

From Craft, post New Moon

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  1. angie says

    What a fun time with your sister! It is kind of scary how much some people get into it. The ones in front of you looked great! So, did you like the movie? You never added your critic. Good to see you back blogging. 🙂

  2. tiff snedaker says

    ROTFL. LOVE that last picture. Those are some sexy vampire teeth, tee hee hee. Seriously it was so fun and I loved watching that guy hit on you in The Buckle. We need more girl time *sigh*

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