Waitressing not just for pretend this is the "real" stuff

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I love my neighbor across the street he is a single dad of two kids Joey & Miles. Joey and I got somewhat close to one another during my time as a Young Women’s leader. I really got to know her at girls camp. If Joey needs help I am there & I love that she hooks us up with Icee’s from the Icee shack in the summer. Her Dad Mike is pretty awesome too & he can cook! He is always bringing us all sorts of yummy’s to try. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors. I will be sad when we move up the street I hope we stay close.

Joey had the Sadie Hawkins dance a couple of weeks ago & it was girls choice! SO she asked if I would come help her & if my girls would waitress. Her dad whipped up a mean chicken alfredo along with salad & rolls. Plus dessert! I was impressed he also did a pretty good job with the set up process & went to town with the candles. We went over to help set up & the girls and I stuck around and served the “guests” along with helping with the clean up.

The girls kept saying “This is real food & real people” I think they were excited it wasn’t their play food and pretend with us!

Here we are setting up. Some of the pictures are blurry as the girls were using my camera! Here I am (across the room)

Savanna didn’t want to do it so we invited Maeli’s friend Chloe to come help out.

They kept busy filling the punch bowl, bringing in plates & removing plates.

The guests of honor ( I believe there were 5 couples total) I didn’t get a picture of Joey and her date – I should steal one off of her facebook!

The girls kept telling one another the “proper” way to do it. hahaha! they used their “soft toes” to run up and down the stairs. “asked the guests if they were done with their plate” and then GASPED at the girls who didn’t eat anything vowing that they would eat EVERYTHING on their plates on a date because it was rude not to!
(we will see when they turn 16 and get around boys)

Overall it was a really fun night & it was hilarious watching 3 little girls watch the teenagers date. They kept making fun of things that I am sure they will be doing when they are that age!

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  1. khicks says

    What a great thing for your girls to do. Good to give them some work ethic. I think we've mentioned this before but your kitchen set-up is very similar to mine.

  2. Byington's says

    That's so fun, I would have loved that too, at that age. We pretended all the time, to be waitresses! 🙂 That was so fun to see you yesterday! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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