Blogging = FAIL!

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I suck at blogging.. oh wait my life has been INSANE not enough time to blog. I have neglected blogging BUT here’s why:

I have turned into a cowgirl & spend most of my time pretending I know all about horses! Ha just kidding I planned yet another company party & successfully pulled it off.

The party was at Wheeler Farm & we had Good Wood Cater it. With some fun entertainment is was a great night that was enjoyed by all. BUT STRESSFUL FOR ME!!

I also celebrated my 34th Birthday in January! OUCH!! I am getting old! My mom came down from Idaho and myself my sister Tiffany, my mom & sister in law Aurelia all went to lunch at the cheesecake factory.

Lia on the left my sister Tiffany on the right

oooh the boots – can’t forget about the stylish boots that my sister complained about the entire time!! Strike a pose ladies!

lookin’ sexy… except I think my mother is posing like DEB!! she has that unicorn / stoned look.

My mother trying out equipment in the mall!! she cracks me up! I got a good laugh out of this one!

After all the shopping and eating we were worn out! oh and my sister wore hooker boots that were making her feet ache terribly!!!

Overall it was a great birthday!!

From Craft, post Blogging = FAIL!

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  1. John and Misty says

    Wow, looks like you did a great job with the company party. If you didn't do so well, you wouldn't get roped in every year, you know! Looks like you had a fun birthday outing with the girls. Good for you!

  2. Byington's says

    I think you should take on the cowgirl look! You looked beautiful! And loved the pictures of your birthday shopping with your mom and sis. that's so fun, that you remember to take pictures! I never do, then see pictures like that, and wish I'd remember the camera more often! Happy very late Birthday!! 😉

  3. Michele says

    ROFL! Happy Birthday, ya know I don't feel old at all! lol Love Tiffany's hooker boots! lol And the Cheesecake Factory is absolutely THE BEST place in the whole world! YUUUUUMMMM!

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