Life as we know it

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Life as we know it is busy.. it gets busier and busier for me. This weekend we move out of our home on Hammon Lane. It is such a bitter sweet feeling for me. Our home has had a lot of memories & it was the starting point for Justin and I. I love this house but I know I will love my new house better. We are staying in the same neighborhood but just building up the street in a newer subdivision. I love my neighborhood!

The past few months have been filled with a lot. Kaden was involved in a snowmobile accident on February 13th up at his dad’s over the weekend. It resulted in him breaking his arm in 5 different places. One of those being on the growth plate. He went into surgery on the 17th. Where they put 5 pins in to stablize his bones & fix the nerve damage in his fingers. He did amazing! They removed 3 of the 5 pins & will leave 2 of the pins in permanently. It has been almost 3 months since the accident and he still attends hand therapy 3 days a week to get full movement back into his arm & wrist. He has endured some major pain but has come out on top! The surgeon and physical therapist will keep an eye on him as they worry how his arm will grow since it was broke on the growth plate. They figure he isn’t done growing and will possibly need surgery again once he has stopped growing.

Removable pins out of both sides of the arm

Pin out of left side of arm

Stitches up the palm and down the wrist

Kaden went through a splint, an orange cast and a blue cast. Then an arm brace.
Here is a picture of his x rays.

Here he is before first cast, First Orange Cast and then the blue cast!

As a mother it was hard for me to not be there the day it happened to hold Kaden’s hand when it first happened but I am grateful that he has a good dad & stepmom who took care of him until he came back to me. It is hard watching your child suffer. It was hard for me to watch him go into surgery & there are many times throughout his therapy that I have wanted to take the pain for him. I am grateful for my children & for the knowledge that the lord is watching over them and protecting them.

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  1. angie says

    You're moving! How exciting for you! So sorry to hear about Kaden. It looks like he is doing pretty good now. I agree with you, I am a basket case when my children are hurting. 🙁

  2. Miss ~E says

    Congrats on the move! how exciting. You are going to be busy, have fun with it! Kaden is such a cute kid, I am so glad that he is ok. Wes just loved hanging with him!

  3. Sara says

    Um, wow! Those pictures of Kaden's arm are crazy!!! I'm excited for you about your new house…especially when it is all done! 🙂 I have been thinking of you guys lately, we should get together for dinner soon!

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