Another year older but not sure if wiser.

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It is odd that as each Birthday passes I realize that I am getting closer and closer to the age of 40. Not sure why but 40 just sounds soo old. People tell me – yeah but you still have 5 years until then and I just shake my head and look back at how fast the last 5 years has gone. I don’t feel like I am 35. I feel as if I just finished High School (although my body doesn’t look it) My son truely is the only thing that makes me feel old. He will be a Sophmore in High School this fall and to say that out loud is such a reality for me.
Justin always tries really hard to make my Birthday’s special but I still for some reason hate them. I don’t feel excited or giddy like I did when I was a child and who the hell has to cook on thier own Birthday? (That would be me raising my hand) So for the most part it is just another day.
My mother, sister Tiffany and sister Aurelia did our yearly trip to the cheesecake factory for our Birthday’s and then went on shopping to SEPHORA!! Love that store. Justin had given me a prepaid visa for my birthday and I couldn’t resist but to spend it on make up! I forgot my camera (of course so once again I improvised with my cell phone)
This is me and my sister Lia. I am sad as I didn’t get a picture of myself with my mom and sister Tiffany.

On my Birthday I went to work like any other day. My boss suprised me with these. MMMM DROOOL!

Then the general manager Dave must have felt bad because next thing I knew he showed up with a yummy milk shake!

Then to top it off my very creative friend Stacie brought me a gigantic cupcake..

I wonder if they are secretly conspiring to keep me fat or if they are testing my willpower?!?
Overall I do know that my family and friends love me and they do show it on my Birthday!

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  1. Angie says

    Happy Birthday, Avry! Whenever it was. 🙂

    Steve always lets me know that I am older than he is (my birthday is in November). I think next year, 36, will be hard…closer to 40 than 30. 🙁 Glad everyone spoiled you! You should just refuse to cook, and when everyone is starving, they will get something for you for dinner.

  2. Miss ~E says

    I also hate my Birthdays?! What is up with that. It drives Wes Crazy that no matter how hard he tries I still am a bit grouchy on my BD. I blame it on the fact that growing up from about age 12, I as grounded every Anyhow, all the treats look very lovely, they would definitely help me feel better on mine! Lucky you, I hope you enjoyed them all!

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