Record Bracelets to accessorize!

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Craft night at Krystal’s.
I am super excited because there are all sorts of new people building houses around us and new people moving in. That means meeting new people!! Krystal her husband and two kids moved in to the cul-de-sac just west of our Cul-de-sac. I was excited to meet Krystal and realized she too loves to craft. She hosted a craft night at her home on Friday night March 5th. I was excited to go to her house and learn something new. We made these bracelets out of old records! She took old records and melted them down in the oven not fully but just enough to be bendable. She then had a template that she traced on the record, cut it out then wrapped it around our wrists to conform to our wrist. We then covered them in fabric & made all sorts of flowers to switch rotate on the top to give it variety. We used alligator clips so you can also take the flowers off the bracelet and wear in your hair. My girls LOVED these and now I am searching for fabric scraps to make more!

This one is more of a hair bow but you get the idea. Super cute and she cut these with her Cuddlebug!

What an awesome host Krystal was! She had these cute favors for us. Little straw tags to use while we sipped on our soda.

Then she had this full of chocolate dove candy.

We were up until midnight but it was worth it! Check out her blog she has some awesome cute ideas!

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  1. Ali says

    I’d like to do this but leave the record visible, make some Rockin’ Wristies. How hot & ho long did you cook ’em to cut ’em? What did you cut them with? Thanx

    • says

      Set the record in the oven (low temp of only 150 degrees) on a cookie sheet. Watch it as they can melt. The record is only in there for a few minutes before it gets softer and can be bendable. Once it hits that state you can easily cut the record with sizzors. While still warm mold it around your wrist. Before you melt the record make a template and draw it onto the record with a white colored pencil. That way you can cut the template out fast and mold it to your wrist before it hardens again.

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