Beadboard Frames

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I really try to be frugal when I craft but sometimes my ideas turn out to be more of a pain then what I bargain for. So I found these frames at a garage sale for .25 cents a piece and thought oh those would be a piece of cake to redo.

I took them home and as you can see they had scrapbook paper mod podged onto them. Piece of cake to remove right? WRONG!

I peeled back the first layer to find yet another layer. Then just tore back the corner to reveal probably 3 more layers of scrapbook paper and mod podge. Coated on the bottom and the top. So I tried to strip the frames and had ZERO luck.. that paper was NOT coming off.

So I pulled out the sander.. and sanded and sanded..

Finally after one disk and only half of the frame being sanded off I pulled out the mother of all sanders.. which will sand off a finger if you let it!

So I SAND and SAND and SAND and then Sanded some more.

then got mad and walked away…….leaving the frames for a MONTH. Justin got annoyed with them sitting in his garage so he put them back into my craft room for me to stare at.

Remember how I told you I had a bunch of bead board left over from when we did the girls rooms? Well I traced the frame onto the back of a piece of bead board and cut it out. Justin was awesome and did the centers for me with his jig saw. I painted them white and when they were dry I then took my BIG GUN.. yes the liquid nails gun and glued the bead board on to the top of those ugly frames – covering the many layers of outdated scrapbook paper.
I then antiqued the grooves of beadboard with a light brown and made some cute rosettes out of fabric to add a little character. Didn’t they turn out cute?

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  1. J. says

    I love that you are junkin' and finding things to repurpose… a girl after my own heart. The frames turned out well…. if you ever come across anything else that needs stripping, try a heat gun a putty knife. That helps lift the glue. It is tedious, but works.

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