How to redo a lamp shade

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I have a serious addiction to a store that I cannot go a full week without going to this store is Hobby Lobby. While browsing Hobby Lobby one day with my mom I found a set of lamps that I was absolutely drooling over but when I looked at the price tag the drooling immediately stopped! Even though they were 50% off there was no way I would ever spend $50 on a lamp! Yes I am cheap and yes I have the mentality that I can “make it” so I made a little dash over to the fabric department with my 40% off coupon to see what I could come up with.. I found just the sheer fabric I was looking for and then the perfect rosettes on a strand. The rosettes were $4.99 a yard (OUCH) but luckily it too was on sale 🙂 So I spent $8.00 and ran back over to the lamps to study how they were put together and was amazed that all they used was GLUE.. YES! SCORE! I can use a glue gun!

I got 2 yards of the fabric I wanted and decided to take these 8 year old previous marriage lamps and give them a NEW Look..

I started by removing the lamp shade and heating up my hot glue gun. I didn’t see a tutorial on them so I just gave it my best shot. I began by gathering the material and somewhat folding it a tiny bit then gluing it along the top of the lamp shade and along the bottom of the shade. I realized after a few minutes that I had too much material and it was getting in my way so I cut the piece down so it would be easier to work with. I just kept scrunching and gluing scrunching and gluing. If the material started going slanted away from the fabric a the top I would quit gluing along the top and catch up along the bottom. I didn’t use a template I just kept gathering and gluing.

As I was gluing the material to keep it out of the way I trimmed the excess that was hanging over the edge of the lampshade. I also pulled as tight as I could to give the material a tights look as the gathering wouldn’t look as good if it was loose. I chose to leave the lamp shade white because with the black overlay I worried about the lamps still letting out enough light. I took my long rosette strand and glued it along the base of the shade and again along the top of the shade.

Even my husband admitted that they looked better after I redid them 🙂

You could do these in any color! AND the price tag was unbeatable 2 old lamps + $8.00 in material = Cheaper than Hobby Lobby’s!

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