How to make a garden trellis out of PVC pipe

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It is unbelieveable how expensive a good nice garden trellis is in the stores. I found one at Lowe’s that I really liked but they wanted $40 just for one! My super handy and oh so willing husband had the attitude that I normally do and said “I can make you some for so much cheaper) So he set out to come up with a few garden trellis’s for my peas, beans, grapes etc.

Here is what he came up with-

He used leftover PVC pipe from when we put our sprinkler system in, he used the chop saw to cut each pipe to length then drilled holes using the drill press to string galvanized wire through. Each Trellis stands about 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

Each corner piece and joint connectors can be found at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Afew tips when cutting and using PVC pipe:
USE A TAPE MEASURE!! to get the demensions right and the holes exactly aligned to string the wire through make sure you measure, measure and measure!

Always cut the longest pieces first that way you will be able to use more of the pipe and have less waste, plus you can base the rest of your trellis off of the largest pieces (usually sides)

Always mark the length with a pencil before you cut. Always mark the holes with a pencil before you drill and make sure they line up on each pipe.
When cutting the pipe make sure you have protective eyewear on so you do not get any pieces flying into your eyes.
Last tip if there are Burrs on your PVC after cutting you can always use 100 grit sandpaper to smooth those off.

You can use Christy’s red hot blue glue to cement the PVC joints together

This is an A frame one he made for my green beans.. and the way my beans are growing this is going to be full all the way up the trellis

These may fade to a yellow color in the sun but if stored during the winter inside of a garage they should last for years!

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