“The witch is in” Fabric wall hanging

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I am one of those nutty people that starts planning for Halloween in July and Christmas in January.. Seriously there are so many cute creative ideas out there that I have to start early in plannning for the holidays months in advance to get everything I want done … done.
So in July when I was up in Idaho visiting my parents at the same little store I purchased the ruffle fabric from for my daughters skirts I saw a Halloween hanging on display there. “The Witch is in” caught my eye and I knew I wanted to make one. The little craft store had fabric kits precut with the pattern to make it easier for assembly. I looked at the price and figured it was something I wanted to do. My lovely and talented mother jumped on board too because of course I would need her sewing knowledge!

You can find this fun pattern online at Joined at the hip along with a lot of other cute patterns

Here is my stack of pre cut fabric! It was nice to not have to search for the right colors to use and worry about getting the correct amounts of fabric.

This pattern was simple in the fact that you mainly had to trace the pattern onto the fabric and just use wonder under to iron the fabric pieces into place. I was a little annoyed after I had spent quite some time on tracing the pattern onto wonder under to realize that most of the pieces in the pattern were backwards. My mother realized this after I had already done 3/4 of it. At that point I had to head back home so we agreed the next time she came down we would work on them.

It was nice because the next time she came to Utah she had them all traced and ready to go. We spent the afternoon piecing the front of the wall hanging together, sewing it and I ironed on the pieces that were cut out. Then once the front of the wall hanging was done my mother took them back up to Idaho with her and quilted around the exterior and finished them up. We used batting in the middle to give it a little fuller look. Didn’t this turn out so cute?

This is a close up of the shoe right after I had it ironed on.. before any quilting around it.

The finished result! Love the little added googly eyes on the spider and also the embroidered spider legs!! too cute isn’t it?

Now I just get to find a fun quilt hanger for it!

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