Witches Brew

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2 months in the making my best pal Krystal and I pulled it off!! Yes, the much worked on, much slaved over witches brew.  We spent two months planning and preparing for this event and might I say all the hard work paid off! We had so much fun and spent many hours texting, planning and crafting away to make this a perfect night.   I am here to show you how much I truely love to craft, how much I value my friendships, how to pay it forward and last but not least how to have FUN!!

The witches that flocked to my house that evening.

What an evening of games, prizes, getting to know one another, pin the wart on the witch and of course FOOD!!

You can’t have a brew without eating up some of your enemy witches fingers.. 😉

 We had a lot of goodies!  Chocolate dipped mummies, chocolate dipped oreos (eyes), candy corn sugar cookies, candy corn popcorn, I could go on and on!

 These are pretzels dipped in almond bark with chocolate chips for the eyes.

some tasty mummy toes.. (little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls)

The popcorn in this picture is drizzled in almond bark! Thanks to my mom for making it!  I will definately post the recipe for this!! It is delicious!



What is a witches brew without the “brew”  All I did was take a plastic glove (one I use for haircoloring)  I filled it with water & blue food coloring. I froze it then once frozen I just added it to our soda/juice mix!

Krystal whipped up this dinner in a pumpkin which was divine!!  I’ll definately have to get her recipe!

She cooked the entire meal inside of the pumpkin, it had hamburger, rice and other deliciousness!

Here is my partner in crime… I love love this girl!  I think we were meant to find each other in this life! I cannot imagine what I would do without this girl. She always is soo fun to be around and between her and I we come up with ALOT of crazy crafty ideas!!

Here is the prize table!!! We spent months thinking of what we were going to make! There were so many fun things!!

We had a Witches Fashion show where everyone showed off their costume and where they came up with it. After everyone showed off their witches costumes we had decorated some cans and had catagories for best witch, funniest witch, scariest witch and so on. They could put their votes in the cans.

I think overall it was a fun night!  I hope all my girlfriends had a good time! We are already thinking of doing villians next year.. we will just have to see 😉

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