Just add snow! Snowman kit

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My mind never stops thinking and planning and creating.  I can envision something months before I even start to create it.  For example last December 30th (2010) I saw these cute metal buckets at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2.50 each so I purchased 12 or 13 of them with the intention of putting vinyl lettering on them and filling them with something for Christmas this year! So I bought them and set them aside (for almost a year) … The time got away from me and next thing I knew it was 4 weeks before Christmas!  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what to put in them because of their size I knew they were big and I would have a LOT of baking to do if I wanted to do goodies.  Then I decided to bag most of my holiday baking and find something else.  That is when I stumbled upon this awesome idea!

So knowing I couldn’t sew all the hats and scarves myself I involved my awesome mother! Look how cute the hats and scarves turned out!

I cut out wooden circles on the scroll saw and painted them black then added small wooden cut to size skewers onto the back of each circle for the eyes.

I spray painted rocks black for the eyes and found colored buttons for the front of the snowman.  I put these both in individual ziplock snack size bags and then found this snowman topper printable online and attached the two together.

I couldn’t figure out a carrot nose to save my life by the time this week rolled around so I bagged it and thought heck just use a real carrot!! 😉

I added “Merry Christmas” to the front of the red buckets in Vinyl

Then I filled the bucket trying to fold everything to look nicely.  I added some tissue paper into the bottom of the bucket in order to raise the items up enough so you could see what was inside of the bucket.  At this point I loved the idea of turning the top hat upside down and filling it with the items but I had already got the tin buckets all ready to go.

So I filled them

Then I wrapped them up in some cute speckled cellophane that I thought looked like snow!! Made a printable tag of my own in photoshop that said “Let it snow”  (snowman kit)  added some cute ribbon then delivered them!

This is how they looked when I delivered them!  I just wish we would get a serious snowstorm soon so I can see some of these kits pop up in neighbors yards! I mainly gave this neighbor gift to those neighbors of mine with small children.

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