Valentines Table runner

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There are some really cute valentines fabric prints available right now.  I found some at Hobby lobby that I loved and was determined to make a table runner out of.  Of course I roped my best girlfriend into the project because crafting just isn’t the same without her!  So between the two of us this is what we created.

I purchased 2 yards of the valentine print fabric using my 40% off coupon. We then put together what black fabrics we had at home for the backing. Each runner is approx 1 yard of fabric.  We sewed some thick lace to the top and added some pink glittery fringe to the sides of the lace with fabric glue.  We cut each end to a point to give it a little character.

Here is an up close picture of the lace and trim we added.   And it can be reversed and used with the back side up.  Black and white go with almost anything!

The easiest way that I could describe how to make one is first by determining what size of table runner you would like.  They are a quick and easy project yet if made too small/too big for your space it could look funny.  So measure out how long you want your runner based upon where it will be when you complete it (dining table, coffee table etc) Next cut both sides of your runner to the size you would like it. Make sure your top and bottom pieces of fabric match up when cutting them.  My advise is to press your fabric with a hot iron before you start.

Once you have your pieces cut to match one another sew your raw edges together.  In this case we treated this table runner just as you would make a pillow. leaving only a small opening. Press the seams down before you turn the runner inside out.  We just used a normal zig zag stitch to help with the edges.  Once turned right side out you can press it again to flatten out the runner.  Make sure you hand stitch your gap from turning it inside out shut.

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