Stenciled quatrefoil wall

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Have you ever stared at something for so long that you want to poke your eyes out? Or for so long that you become dizzy?  that is what this project did to me!  So, this post is dedicated to all those awesome amazing crafty women that stencil and make it look like a breeze because I am here to tell you that ummm I had an absolute craptastic time stenciling my wall and it was not nearly as easy as it looks..

Day 1: Getting my awesome stencil in the mail from a wonderful site called: Cutting edge stencils  I was so excited and wanted to get started right away.

Day 2: Dang You tube video won’t load or work to watch a tutorial on how to use my “amazing” stencil so instead I will just google how to do it like I do everything else… Oh dear the confusion there are so many people are doing their stenciling in so many different ways – Never mind that idea just bag it,  I’ll try which ever way looks easiest.

  TAPE!! yes, tape the sides of the stencil great idea or not.   Major paint bleeding through the stencil.

Day 3: Well the tape didn’t work so I will use spray adhesive to get the dang thing to stick to the wall and not let paint seepage through. oooh it is sticky and I cannot wait to pull it off the wall to see the results!    GASP!  paint bleeding through AGAIN.

Thats it!!! I’ll facebook my friends asking for advice.  Hmm so their advice is to paint over the stencil with the original paint color of the wall then paint my stencil color over it… YES!! it worked…………….. Sort of…  yet it is Still bleed through that dang stencil!  Not to mention the spray adhesive is starting to pull the original paint off my walls!!  FRUSTRATION!

What?? What is that?  What did Google say?  Venitian walls are a lot harder to stencil because they aren’t a smooth surface?  Wish google would have shared that piece of information with me in the beginning but I am NOT giving up because that is what us crafters like to do – we like to tortcher ourselves just to say “I did it” and feel a little validation within ourselves.  Yes, it is insanity but an insanity only fellow crafting bloggers will truely appreciate.

Day 4:  No problem I can just use a paint brush the size of  a needle to touch up all the bleed through – of course that will work because I have all the time in the world (not) My coworkers at my full time job will have to deal with my late nights and lack of sleep because it has to be perfect dang it!!

Day 5:  2 sections a day.. that is your goal Avry you can do it.

Day 6 :  Stick, paint, paint again, peel, dry, section two: Stick, paint, paint again, peel dry.   Thank goodness for Diet pepsi

Day 7: Have I ever shared with you that I am a very impatient person

Day 8: I have a headache but hubby comes home tomorrow from a 5 day trip and he will not like the mess in the kitchen so I HAVE to finish it ………….. So honey LOOK!

It’s done! Well except for the hours of touch up I have to do with my toothpick sized paint brush 😉

I used the same color as my hutch to tie in more green. I did the green over my base wall color.  (a light tan / cream color)  My house is all tans, browns, blacks so I am adding some color!

Close up below, and yes my yellow picture frame is crooked – it has been fixed but that is how I roll a little lopsided.

Okay so yes I seem to pick redo’s that look fun and no this was not fun but I am LOVING the way it turned out! hmm I have the bug so what wall is next and what fun different thing should I do to it?

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  1. says

    Wow. That looks like a lot of work but what payoff. I tried to stencil a wall in my office a few months ago and gave up around step 4. I should have powered through like you. It looks great!

  2. Jeralee says

    Dang! Go Avry! And I totally know where this is in your house. it looks great!!!!! Now, step away from Pinterest… and all of those other highly addictive blogs. Mwahaha ( or not).

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