American Flag made from a Pallet

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Pallet American Flag

There are some crafty people out there in the world that make things look so easy. This next project inspiration was found on none other than Pinterest. There were many variations of Pallet flags and each one was so adorable I figured it couldn’t be that hard!

When the sun was setting my girlfriend and I jumped in my golf cart and cruised the neighborhood scoping out all the new homes that are in the construction mode. We were in hopes to find some pallets someone would give us to use for our project. We found a few in garbage piles covered in sheetrock mud but we didn’t want to deal with having to clean them up first. We found some along the side of our other friends house and quickly dialed her up to see if she could spare two. She said of course. So us two women mounted those heavy suckers on top of the golf cart roof and headed homeward bound.

Now pulling apart a pallet for a man may be an easy task but holy crap a jolie!! It was tough work. After splitting a few slats of wood or destroying them due to getting frustrated I decided it was time to pull out the saw.. yep the big ole’ table saw that most women shy away from.. Where was my mighty handsome knight and shining armor during all of this?? (Camping with my son in Moab) besides I didn’t need him!

Isn’t my friend Krystal so cute in her trusty gloves??
We were at least smart enough to put on gloves after realizing how horrible the slivers could be. I sawed up each side of the pallet leaving us to only have to pry the middle nails out of the slats on the pallet…
I think this process took us close to two hours! But we made it through with only breaking one tool and using only a few cuss words.
That isn’t bad except when it is two tired mom’s that started the project at 9 p.m.
Next was to line them up and make sure they were all the same size. Then spray paint!

We did this in the empty lot across the street from my house in the dark.. and we went through several cans of spray paint. Once we figured they were dry enough we pulled them into the garage to realize the white soaked right into the slats so we needed a few more coats.
At this point it was 1:00 a.m. (Four hours later) We called it a night

The next day I took the slats and using two long 2×2’s I used the nail gun and nailed the slats side by side to the 2×2’s Once it was put together I cut some stars out of 1/2 inch press board and spray painted them. Then I nailed them in.

Overall the Flag ended up being approximately 3.5′ tall by 2.5′ wide. It is very large and heavy so I don’t think it will blow off my front porch any time soon!

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