Ubisoft Just Dance Dream team! KICKOFF!!

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Thank you to Ubisoft for picking me to be a member of the Just Sweat Dream Team and sponsoring this fitness series. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

We did it!! My son Kaden and I were chosen to represent Ubisoft and be part of the Just dance dream team! We are totally stoked to kick up our level of activity and lose some much needed weight!
To begin both Kaden and I took some pictures of ourselves and of course some measurements!

My before Pictures:

My Measurements:
Chest: 43 1/2″
Waist: 41 1/2″
Hips: 48 1/2″
Thigh: 29 3/4″
Arms: 13 1/2″

And Kaden’s before pictures:

Kaden’s measurements:
Chest: 40 1/2″
Waist: 39 1/2″
Hips: 43 1/2″
Thigh: 23 1/2″
Arms: 12″

I’m not proud of my measurements and I was petrified of sharing them with the world but I know in the long run I will be grateful I shared because with the help of Just Dance 3 it is my motivation to lose this weight!!

We were excited to try out the Just Dance 3 when it arrived and after getting it all set up we were ready to go! WHOA what a work out! I loved how many different songs/routines there were to choose from! Although after just two songs I was panting like a dog! I had gone running four miles before trying out Just dance 3 and for the most part I felt like it wouldn’t be that difficult. All I can say it Yes, it is a work out. My arms felt like jello after the 5th song and I was exhausted.
Now I know to reach my weightloss goal it won’t just be working out but also eating properly. I have had a battle the first few days of eating right. I do good in the mornings then by evening time I fizzle. Somehow both Kaden and I have to conqur the urge to eat at night! I would love to hear of any healthy eating habits that my viewers have found work for them!

In the meantime check out our first work out to JUST DANCE 3!! (Try not to laugh) we were trying it out for the first time!

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    That is pretty cool and Just Dance 3 will get you into shape for sure. We have Just Dance 3 as well as 2 and the kids LOVE playing. i have played a few time but I am so uncoordinated it is hard for me. LOL. Good Luck!

  2. says

    That seems like a really fun workout, though, especially doing it with a partner. I like to snack at night, too. I always feel like I deserve a treat for making it through the day.

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