How to Can Peaches – It’s easier than you think!

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Canning Peaches

The peaches are ripe and in season! In a town not to far from our’s there are produce stands that line the roads all summer long and as each fruit or vegetable comes into season you can find it for cheap! So on my way back from our annual Labor day weekend at Bear Lake we stopped in this town and picked up my Yams for Thanksgiving, some red potatoes for my grandma’s recipe of creamed peas and potatoes, some onions and a bushel of peaches! Now I do have a peach tree planted but it was the first year producing fruit and we ate everything off of it as soon as they were ripe.

I brought the peaches home and between my son and I we blanched and peeled all the peaches. My sweet daughter helped peel the skins off of the peaches, once blanched I sliced the peaches into 6 sections off of the peach and threw away the pit. As I was slicing I also had a big pan of the sugar syrup boiling. (10 cups of water to 3 cups of sugar) Which I doubled 3 times for 18 quarts of peaches. I spooned the mixture into the jars as soon as I had them full of peach slices. I did this step fairly fast after slicing the peaches as I didn’t want the peaches to discolor. (I use a canning funnel to make the process easier) Once full I would wipe the rim and put the lid ontop then screw the metal ring on. (make sure your lids have been boiled to soften the outer ring on them so they will seal better) I kept this process going until I had 18 quarts! Then I hot bathed them for 45 minutes each in my canner.

We ate a jar with our sunday dinner and they were soo good! I am debating on making another trip to get another bushel to can some peach pie filling.

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      I didn’t use fruit fresh. I cut so fast and also had 3 of my children working with me at the same time that the longest any peaches sat in jars was maybe 3-4 minutes tops. I blanched and sliced, as I sliced the slices went straight into the jars then I had the syrup already hot on the stove so as soon as a jar was full of peaches the syrup got poured into the jar.

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