Christmas sidewalk ice melt with Poem

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Christmas sidewalk salt

What can you do with free tin cans? This project was meant for our super saturday but it didn’t turn out that way. So, my girlfriend was stuck with close to 100 tin cans. These are the same cans that are used for Potatoe flakes, Coffee, Family size items etc. Lids are only .10 cents at the LDS store house. Last summer a local business was closing their doors so they had most of their merchandise 75% off or more! My brilliant partner in crime loaded up on bags of ice melt to use for this project. I love how crafters think ahead when it comes to crafting!
She took these cans and wrapped them in holiday wrapping paper, punched holes through the tin, tied ribbon for handles, filled with ice melt and attached a card that had this little poem on it:

The snow comes down in a blanket of white and covers nearly everything in sight.
Shovel and push the snow away to unveil the ice that is there to stay.
Have no fear we bring you this treat. But please, oh please it’s not meant to eat!
Just sprinkle some salt all around and the ice will melt beneath you on the ground!

I was suppose to help her assemble them as I wanted 15 to give out to friends/neighbors/coworkers but she busted them all out herself! THANK YOU Krystal!! I get tired of making goodies and treats every year so this was a simple gift to give that I am sure will get used when it snows! (it is in the forecast this weekend) Just place the can next to your front door & the ice melt is handy at any time to sprinkle on the side walk once it snows!
P.S. I’m not sure where she found the poem and I searched all over for it. If I find out I’ll let you know!

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