Patio set refurbish

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Refurbished patio set

Spray paint has become one of my best friends!  When Hubby and I got married he had a glass table patio set.  It was okay and we used it for quite a few years.  But then when we built our house (almost 3 years ago)  We purchased a new patio set to go up on our deck.  I have absolutely loved my new patio set and I went with all iron instead of glass.. I don’t care for glass dining sets because they show all the dirt and feel gritty all the time. So my upper deck I have done in lime greens and blues/turquoise colors.

Our house has a walk out basement to a courtyard below our deck so I took the old ugly patio set down there and left it for the past few summers.  It was somewhat out of sight and out of mind.  I have slowly made the court yard a haven below my deck.  It is turning out so beautiful but that ugly table just sat there.   I finally got the urge to refinish it!

The flowers on the cushions of the old set were the ugliest things I had ever seen and I basically hated the set to begin with.  It is just not my style at all.  It reminded me of an old lady set.  So when the cushions started looking sun rotted and faded I knew even more that I wanted to be done with it!  I set out looking for something bright and finally chose a “cherry” red spray paint color. I have chosen Reds, Oranges, yellows and bright blues for my courtyard colors!  I like it as bright as I can get it!

My husband removed the glass from the table and after I had gone through 4 1/2 cans of spray paint he finished the project up with another 2 cans of spray paint.  I was going to recover the old cushions but after I saw some at Wal-Mart on clearance I thought about the cost of the fabric I wanted and the time it would take so instead I bought some cushions!

Drum roll please—-  Introducing my 10 year old refurbished patio set!

before and after of dining set

My hubby had the idea to paint the bottom side of the glass so I picked out a tan color and spray painted it also. I was a little nervous on how it would turn out but I absolutely love it! You can still wipe the top of the glass and painting the bottom hid all the scratches in the glass.

Patioset under deck

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    • Lucy says

      What kind of spray paint did you use? I was just wanting to fix a spot where paint is peeling off the legs of one of my chairs and wondered what type of paint I needed for the job. I think it is acrylic but just researching. I really love what you did to your set. I also noticed that like with mine, the newer cushions look a little thinner than the older set. I bought new cushions from Bi-Mart, I have 4 chairs and 1 lounge. My new cushions also have only one set of straps to secure to the chair frame as opposed to two sets per chair. I’m thinking of purchasing some outdoor furniture fabric in a matching color and making an extra set of ties (for each chair) and hand sewing them to the cushions.

      • says

        You will want to use a metal primer before you spray paint it. The metal primer will come in a spray form. Just spray your metal with the metal primer then once dry use any type of spray paint that you would like. 🙂

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