Goodbye Washer & Dryer Pedestals!

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Wood Washer and Dryer Pedestal

When we built this house I had two laundry rooms put in. One upstairs for my 3 daughters to use and one on the main floor for the rest of the house. I only had one washer and dryer so I went out and bought a second set. I wanted the front loading one’s so I purchased those along with the not so cheap metal pedestals.
From day one my washer sounded like it was a rocket. I often thought it was going to blow through the ceiling because it was so loud. I found myself reading the manual and Googling solutions to try to fix my washer. My washer kept getting out of balance and would shift on the pedestal. Then the Pedestal would become uneven along the bottom. Then it would bounce off of my dryer and the pedestal drawers would rattle (even if I had something heavy inside of them) …… Needless to say I was beyond frustrated with the whole set up!

washer and dryer before

Then while browsing Pinterest I saw this idea of a shelf type Pedestal made out of wood. I was in love. But I didn’t want to have to fork out a lot of money for wood and stain so we used what we had and even found a scrap piece of wood for the top from a construction site. We used the instructions from this site

It was a fast project and I was able to use my huge muscles to help hubby move the washer and dryer out of my laundry room.

laundry room empty

During this time I was able to deep clean, I vacuumed up all the excess lint, touched up the walls with paint and got rid of scuff marks! My hubby got a new tube for the dryer and replaced the cracked one.  Hubby had it all installed in one night and I painted it (the same color as the walls) – let it dry then we put the washer and dryer back in less than 24 hours!

OH THE SILENCE is unbelievable!!  I cannot believe I went 3 years listening to that obnoxiousness!   The back behind the washer and dryer is open to below to allow for the dryer vent, electrical cords and water hoses.

Washer and dryer after

He also left enough space for me to place 3 laundry baskets underneath! I love it – I may come up with some cute vinyl saying to put on the front but for now I am just enjoying how clean my laundry room is and enjoying the quietness of my washing clothes!

I did get a little motivated and somewhat cleaned up the opposite side of my laundry room! Yeah it still could have a little more improvement but hey it’s progress!!
(the cardboard box is my newspaper recycling box) I need to figure out some other cute crafty recycling box right??

Laundry room other side



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