Shabby Chic’ Dresser refurbish

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Shabby Chic’ Dresser refurbish

This dresser was a FREEBIE!! (love those deals) It’s structure was amazing, it’s drawers were all perfect, in tact and working, no major issues just a lot of dings, dents and dirt! My daughter Maeli has an overwhelming amount of cute clothes and even though I purge her closet regularly she was still requesting a dresser. So, when this deal fell into my lap I couldn’t pass it up. When I got it home this is what it looked like.

Dresser before

It had major potential! I scrubbed it down and even had to use goo gone and a scraper to get rid of some sort of spilled gummy substance that was on the top. I then began sanding and sanded some more. Then Sanded even more. I had to get rid of all these little dents!!

Dresser before close up

I sanded for about two hours then decided it was good enough. I vacuumed up my large amounts of sanding dust, cleaned all the excess dust off of the dresser and drawers then headed to Hobby Lobby to check out their knobs. Maeli’s room is done in pink and her theme is shabby chic’ she has a cute pink glass chandelier that hangs above her bed so she wanted knobs to match. She picked up the cutest ones (and we got them 50% off).

The next day was Sunday so I let the dresser sit and with it being over 100 degrees I knew I didn’t want to be out in that hot garage! So I waited until about 9:00 pm on Monday night, opened all the windows, turned on my fan and began to paint. I used a paint that already had the primer in it. Which I was rather surprised at how well it worked! The only problem is that since it was soo hot outside the paint was drying super fast and if I kept running my brush over the same spot it would gum the paint up. So, I would wait 10 minutes and it would dry that fast in between coats! Maeli sat up with me until 1:00 a.m. singing and keeping me company as I worked on getting the entire dresser painted. I finally called it quits around 2:00 a.m. and headed to bed. At 6:00 a.m. to beat the heat I was up and started sanding on the dresser once again. Using the sander I scuffed it up to give it the shabby chic’ effect. I was not giving it dings and dents again (I worked to hard to sand those out) I was just scuffing the paint off of the edges. Once I achieved the desired look I was going for I antiqued the entire dresser. (which also dried really fast)

Dresser After

Justin put each knob right into the center of each drawer and it turned out super cute!! She has all these extra drawers that she is in heaven with organization!
Look how cute this turned out! A close up of her cute knobs!

Dresser close up

I think I am going to take that garage sale mirror above her dresser down and antique it also to match! My next project is to find a wide lace table runner for the top of the dresser. Also, check out the cute phone I got at a garage sale for $1.00 too cute don’t you think? Overall I think I have about 9 hours into this project.  Oh and don’t look too closely at the dust on the mirror! I did get that washed right after the picture! 😉

Dresser entire wall

Just one more because I can’t help it!
Dresser After Angle

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  1. Jeralee says

    good job! That was a lot of work from start to finish. It turned out nicely. I think I would have done it the same way… now for some cooler weather!

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