Timber Wood Candy Cane

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Six or seven months ago I attended a fundraiser auction and saw a large wooden candy cane that I absolutely fell in love with. The Candy Cane was donated and sold in the Auction for around $100.00  I couldn’t afford that but wanted to recreate one so I tried to figure out who made it but no one knew who donated it.

So, I came home and jumped on Pinterest and couldn’t find anything like it! I was becoming frustrated and let it go for a little while but as Christmas grew nearer.  I (of course) roped my husband in and picked his brain on how to accomplish this task.

We went on a hunt for wood one evening and because this candy cane was a chunky one!  I knew we needed timber logs and that they needed to be big and to where we could make these around 34″ tall. We went back and forth between Lowe’s and Home Depot mainly because my husband had to make sure the wood was absolutely straight.

We ended up getting  8 ft. timber logs (although you only need 5 ft. to make a candy cane). These candy canes are approximately 3×4″ with rounded edges.

candy cane



I found that there were similar candy canes like this on Pinterest. Every candy cane post that I looked at the wood didn’t match up after the person cut the wood. Of course I was nervous that would happen. I FINALLY found these plans and boy was I excited! I ended up making 9 of these candy canes for friends/family members.

The one thing we changed is we added a base on our candy canes. This is so you could display them indoors if you wanted to. The plan shows a metal stake to stake these into the ground. Each candy cane takes approximately 2 hours total from start to finish. Although it took me much much longer because I made so many!

Wood Candy Cane

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    I love these! When we first bought our house, 23 years ago, my husband made 8 candy canes out of plywood and decorated them with red and clear lights that he poked through holes he drilled in the white cane. They were amazing and lasted about 10 years. I need to show him these for next year. Pinning!

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    I admire your determination. You went back and forth to two stores for one project and not just becauseyou wanted to save money. This candy cane is adorable and will make a great prop for the holiday season!


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