Burlap Heart Door Hanger & Pillow

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Burlap heart door hanger & pillow burlap heart hanger and pillow   Yes, I am on the burlap kick, like the rest of the Pinterest and crafting world. I love the texture of burlap and think it compliments almost any color pallet. I have made a few other burlap door hangers you can check them out here and,here.  For Valentines I decided to make a giant heart.  of course!  What else would I make.  First I made a giant heart template out of paper.  I  wanted the heart to be a good size and with a steep point at the bottom.  I simplified the process on this one.  If you notice in the owl hanger post.  I cut 2 of the burlap pieces and then a smaller patterned fabric piece.  For this one I only cut 1 burlap piece.  I don’t know why, I was cutting 2 on my other projects.  What a waste of fabric and time.  Pin your pattern on your printed fabric first and cut 1 heart out.  Next pin your printed fabric cut heart onto your burlap.  No more wasting time we are stream lining this process.  Cut out you burlap, using the fabric cut piece as your template.  EXCEPT leave a 1 1/2″ or 2″ gap of burlap around the printed fabric heart cut out (I hope that makes sense?)  Now you should have  2 hearts that are pinned together.  Sew them together leaving a hole on one of the sides, large enough to stuff the heart.  Stuff the heart using Polyfil or I like to use old pillow stuffing to save money.  Pin the hole you left open and sew in closed.  Some people like to hand stitch that part, I just buzz it closed really quick using my sewing machine.  Next add your hanging wire, by poking it through the fabric and then curling the ends of wire to hold in place.   I tied this cute leopard ribbon around the wire to embellish my heart. burlap heart door hanger   After I made the giant heart door hanger.  I didn’t have the “heart” to actually hang it on my outside door.  I couldn’t bear the thought of it getting abused by the elements.  I chose to hang it on a large mirror in my family room.  Once I had it hung.  I need something to match it!  Oh the problems crafting and decorating create!  Now I needed a matching pillow. Right?  I went back to the craft room and whipped up the burlap heart pillow.  I used the envelope pocket style ( which I always talk about).  I simply cut a heart out of burlap and sewed it onto my front square of patterned fabric.  Next I created a ruffle flower and hot glued it onto the pillow.  You can watch my video tutorial on how to make the ruffle flower in this post. To finish it off,  I hot glued a giant white button in the center of the ruffle flower. burlap heart pillow

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