Valentine Quarter Card Tutorial & Free printable template

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Valentine Quarter Card & Free printable template




quarter card 7

If you remember at Christmas time I made these Vintage Dime cards. They were such a hit with all the kids. I decided to make a Valentines version. This time I created a free printable and Chose not to use My handy silhouette machine. I know a lot of you at home don’t have a personal cutting machine. I Hand made this version, so that you can craft along with me at home. First print our  free printable here on cardstock  valentine money card with words valentine money card. There are 2 different options,  plain like in my pictures, the other one says Happy Valentines Day! Each free printable has 2 cards per page

quarter card 1

Step 2 use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut out your printed Valentines.

quarter card 2

Then cut a 2nd sheet of card stock to match the same size as the printable.  This will be your backing and hold the quarters in place.

quarter card 3
Grab a quarter and trace 4 circles onto the heart print

quarter card 4
With the tip of your scissors poke a small hole, then cut a line to the edge of your circle and  cut all the way around the circle.  make sure you stay right on the line you traced.  Repeat until all 4 circles are cut out.

quarter card 5I used this Scotch brand foam mounting tape.  You could also use glue dots or any product that will give a little height and help hold the quarters in place.  Place your mounting tape under each cut out circle and on the four corners on the backside of the printable.  pull strips to show adhesive and attach to the plain cardstock you to cut to match.
quarter card 6

Next place quarters in the circles.  I put a dot of glue in each circle, just for peace of mind!  I didn’t want a chance of them coming out, while the cards are in route to the recipients!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. md kennedy says

    I actually did not know what a silhouette machine was so I was trying to do your crafts with my own cutting – oops! Thanks for something that is dumbed-down a bit for me!

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