Framed Chicken Wire Easter Egg

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Framed Chicken Wire Easter Egg 



wire 4

Originally I saw a an ideas for this chicken wire frame on Studio 5. They had made a heart for Valentines day, and had  done it using ribbon. I thought this was a great idea and that an egg shape should be pretty simple to make. I gave it a go using strips of ribbon at first. It turned out horrible!!!! you couldn’t even tell that it was suppose to be an egg and the colored ribbon didn’t go well together. I was totally bummed!!!! Then one day, while I was on a pinterest bindge! this similar idea showed up in my feed. I loved how she used napkins!!! yes napkins to create her image. After I saw how she made hers, it just clicked for me. The ribbons were such a long tedious process. The napkin idea was so simple!

To start off making this project  I gathered a large frame I had purchased at a garage sale last summer for .25  cents (what a deal).  Then I went dumpster diving at one of the many construction sites by my home. They generally use chicken wire when they are doing stucco on a home. So, I knew it would be easy to find a scrap of chicken wire. Next, I went to the dollar store to pick up colored napkins. While I was shopping I realized that  I didn’t want to buy 5 different packs of napkins to get the variety of colors. So, instead I decided to buy a pastel multi-colored pack of tissue paper.

First I cut the chicken wire to size of the opening of my frame using some wire cutters.  Then I hot glued the chicken wire on the back of my frame.  I made sure to cover each prong/wire point, with hot glue.  This way there will be nothing poking out to scratch you or your door.  I taped together a few sheets of printer paper and made an egg template.  Then I laid my frame over the egg template.  I cut several layers of the tissue paper into about 4″ by 4″ squares.  They don’t have to be perfect.

wire 1

I layered 2-3 pieces of the tissue paper and then pinched the center to create a pouf.  I stuck the tissue paper pouf into the holes of the chicken wire by rows, following my egg outline.  After I would get a whole row in place.  I would come back with the hot glue and put a dab on the wire and press the tissue paper onto it to hold it in place.  Just keep repeating these steps until you cover your egg template.

wire 2


Avry decided she also wanted to make one but she wanted her frame to be white.  We found another old frame that wasn’t in use and she painted it white.  We used the same method for her’s and here is how it turned out with a white frame.  She also used a little bit brighter tissue paper colors in her easter egg.  She kept her’s indoors and put it up on a shelf. Although she does have wire in the back if she would like to hang it.

chicken wire Easter egg


The tissue paper worked wonderfully for this project. I love how light and springy it is. The best part of all this project only cost $1.25!!!

wire 3

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    My girls and I are always looking for new crafts to do. And being that my girls are still little… this looks perfect to tackle with them! I have the perfect pink frame for this project! Thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    I love, love, love this idea. And of course I have tons of left over tissue paper from past birthday parties for the kids. I want to make this soon!

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