How to glaze or age wood projects (The Cheap & Easy Way)

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How to glaze or age wood projects (The Cheap & Easy Way)
How to Glaze or Age wood projectsI have seen may techniques to glaze furniture projects but they usually consist of buying an expensive glaze product and then comes all the different stages of mixing, coats, wiping etc… The same thing goes for tutorials on how to age wood such as needing to place a penny in vinegar or steel wool for 3 days then apply and let the wood sit for a week or something to that effect. Who has time for all those steps and days of waiting??

My crafting and project time is never set. It’s 5 minutes here and there or an hour if both my kids are playing with friends. I feel like I have to utilize the bursts of time I have and accomplish as much as I can. As soon as the kids and husband are here they demand my time and full attention. I have tried to craft with my kids but they usually get into things and then I am dealing with messed up projects or stuff spread all over my craft room.

So here is a fast idea for crafters like myself!!  Say good buy to all those fancy, expensive, and time wasting glazes. All you need are 2 things-  Paint and water! That is it folks!! nothing else, nothing more. Basically you will be making a white wash.

I will usually mix black and brown paint together. You don’t need much maybe 1 to 2 tablespoons of each color then add a cup or 2 of water until you get the color of glaze you desire. You can also make this using other colors, I mainly use the black/brown mix.
Wood glaze mix

Some of the projects I have used this glaze on are This red oil based chair that I recovered a few years ago. I know they say you can’t paint over an oil base with regular paint. Guess what? I did and it totally worked.

I painted and recovered this chair about 3 years ago and as you can see it has no wear and tear on the paint and glaze!

Glaze over oil based paint


Glazed yellow shelf

I have also used this homemade glaze on this yellow TV cabinet that I transformed into a shelf and this beautifully framed mirror that I refurbished.

Glazed mirror frame

How to use this mix as a glaze: Brush or wipe on pre-painted project. Lets be honest my secret tool of trade when I glaze are baby wipes!!! Yep you read that right. I pull a few out soak them in the glaze and wipe on. Or when Avry does it she will dip her brush in the mix and slap it on the project then wipe off the excess with paper towels.

Remember:  Before it has a chance to dry wipe off the excess!  If you are working on a large piece, I would suggest doing it in sections. Usually the results I want are achieved with one coat  although sometimes  I will feel like I want a darker glaze in the cracks or crevices of a project so  I will use a fine tipped paint brush and brush on the desired amount.

Use glaze to age wood

How to use this mix to achieve the aged wood look: Simply brush on the glaze to any unfinished wood project and let it soak in and dry.  If my first coat is looking to dark, I will wipe off some of the paint mix before it has a chance to dry or soak in. Although this rarely happens. I usually end up painting on a second or sometimes even a 3rd coat. Also, just a small tip: You don’t need to let it dry in between coats just keep applying until you achieve the color that you want.  In these pictures I have used the brown and black mix on the first board and I also mixed up a turquoise blue with water. I brushed the board with brown and black to start and let dry and then brushed over top of the that the turquoise mix. It gave the wood just a hint of the blue.
blue glaze mix

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  1. Lynsey Jones says

    Ohhh when I used to paint ceramics I LOVED when it got to the part of like antique-ing it! This is awesome. It just gives it that final FINISHED look. Love it.


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