5 Useful tips to get more involved in your garden

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5 Useful tips to get more involved in your garden

This post has been compensated by Tesco Direct and the Eden Project.  All opinions are mine alone

There’s nothing better than inviting all your friends round in June for a spritzer and a barbecue in the summer months. Make sure you have a garden worth showing off by keeping it in shape all year and making personal touches. Take a look at these top tips for making the most of your garden.



Grow your own vegetables

Before you begin, you need to choose where you are going to start creating your vegetable garden. Choose the sunniest spot available as more resistant fruit and vegetables (think tomatoes and onions) will grow both in the sun and in the rain.

Choosing the right time of year can also have an effect on how productive growing your own veg can be, as certain vegetables will only grow with a little sun, some will grow better in the rain.

Vegetables like potatoes will grow all year round in, as will cabbage, carrots and onions as they enjoy a wet climate. However, if you want to grow produce such as asparagus, fennel, zucchini or herbs like basil- June and July are the best time to do this, as they need sun to grow.

Remember if you are planning on growing fruit too, you will need to think about creating some shade, as they are more susceptible to the elements.

Flower garden

If you are thinking of starting a flower garden, start small with easy to grow flowers which aren’t easily damaged by the elements. Think Sunflowers, Sweet peas, Pansies and Geraniums, as they grow very easily and need little maintenance.

Seating area

Image by Ofer El-Hashahar, used under the Creative Commons license.

To make the most of your garden, you might want to create a small space where you can while away the hours admiring all of your hard work.
Most DIY stores and supermarkets will have a variety of garden benches and sheds to choose from Tesco, and you might want to invest in a tarpaulin cover for when the winter months set in if you don’t have a garage or shed. Always ensure your bench is stained with weather sealant too, to stop the rain from destroying the wood. You can then site with friends read your book or simply watch the world go by with a refreshing drink in hand.

Eco-friendly composting

Many organic materials can be composted, so it’s a good idea to keep a compost bin on your doorstep, to collect bits and pieces which you can use in the garden. Hold on to leaves, flowers, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, even paper and card- for a garden that’s as eco-friendly as possible.

Garden storage area

If you don’t have room for a garden sheds, you can purchase garden storage trucks, which take up less room and come in a variety of sizes. They can even be built into the ground to create maximum space. You can use them to store the kid’s bicycles and toys, gardening tools and garden furniture to shield them from the elements.

Whatever size your garden is, be sure to make the most of it, especially during the summer months, as you never know when the weather will turn ugly! It’s supposed to be fun, so sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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