Farmhouse King size bed

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Farmhouse King size bed

My headboard and bedroom set was made by my father over 20 years ago and I knew it was time for a change. I looked all over for the perfect bedroom set that would be sturdy and not require box springs. Only to find that most bed frames (headboard/foot board) were quite costly and way over our budget. So I warmed hubby up to the idea of building our own bed and found some plans for my new bed! That is how the process of my Farmhouse King size bed came to be.

Bed Farmhouse

I found the plans on Ana White  but of course altered them to how we wanted them. I wanted a much taller foot board so my blankets wouldn’t ever fall off the end of the bed and I wanted my bed to sit TALL! Wanting to be able to almost jump up into it! Okay, maybe not jump into it but I didn’t want my feet to touch the floor when sitting on the edge.  Hubby made it all possible! He altered the plans to make it a little bigger and a little taller. So he made the headboard 60″ tall and the foot board 35″ tall. With the overall width of the bed being 7 ft. wide.

He started by using regular pine and pretty much followed the instructions on the Ana White plan. (just changing what I wanted changed)

Bed construction

The current trend right now is white’s and gray’s but my house is and has a lot of dark wood. I like the warm feel especially in the winter months when it is so bland and cold outside. I am not changing with the trend right now but more sticking with what I love and that is warm tones. So, for my Farmhouse King size bed we used the color Dark Walnut for our stain and a clear coat semi – gloss polyurethane. It took a LONG time to completely dry and even after we let it sit in our garage for over a week our bedroom still smelled really strongly of stain for quite a while. Make sure you air it out A LOT before bringing it into your house if you are using stain on your furniture.
bed staining

My bed ended up so sturdy that it doesn’t even budge when someone jumps on it or moves around.  I can’t even tell I am sleeping with another person! We opted with a new memory foam mattress because we didn’t want a mattress with springs. It was a little stiff in the beginning but we are in love with it now! We both sleep so much better!

Check out my post for the matching nightstands my husband made to go with my bed! My room is still in the process of being redone so for now just ignore all the mismatch fabrics! I am hoping to find that perfect bedding set to seal the whole deal – but it has yet to happen. If you know of any cute bedding sets that would go with this let me know!

bed finished


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