Giant Chalkboard from a Coffee table

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giant chalkboard life comes fast

A few weeks ago,  I posted about the tall entry table I made using two different coffee tables.  After I had completed that project,  I still had the top of the coffee table that I used the legs from.   My husband was ready to take it to the landfill but I kept looking at it and thinking to myself that there must be something I can do with just the table top.  The table top was flat and had a really nice trim that curved upwards  like a giant frame.  I noticed that the decorative piece on the bottom of the table top was only screwed in a few places.  So, I decided to pull the trim decorative piece off that had previously covered the legs and to my surprise it looked like a giant frame!  Now I just needed to decided what would fill into the center.  I  love the chalkboard trend that is happening right now and I knew this would be a perfect and inexpensive way to makeover the coffee table top.  I taped off the frame / trim of the table and then used the chalkboard spray paint to paint the center wood piece of the table.  I did about 3 coats to make sure the wood was covered really well.   After the chalkboard paint was completely dry I covered and taped the center, leaving the wood trim or frame out.  I painted the trim white using some leftover house paint  that I had on hand.  This was such a simple project it came together in a few hours with drying time.

Giant Chalkboard supplies


I now have this giant chalkboard displayed on my front porch year round.  I often change out the saying for each month or holiday.

giant chalkboard thanksgivinggiant chalkboard christmasgiant chalkboard sparkle

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    I love this. I am so happy that you didn’t let it go to the landfill. There’s too much stuff there now anyway. Recycle and Reuse has become our mantra! I will be looking at coffee tables a little differently now when I am out garage sailing! (And no I didn’t spell it wrong. It’s how it is!)

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