Wizard of OZ themed Church gathering

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Wizard of OZ  1

Many years ago I was on a committee for our church and every month we had to come up with gatherings for our ladies. Of course Krystal and I have always been a duo of creativity so of course she was right there along with me in planning this. We had the theme of visiting teaching and to those readers of mine who are not part of my religion I will describe to you what a visiting teacher is. I am a visiting teacher and I have two ladies in my church that I am assigned to go and visit once a month. Every woman member has at least two ladies they go visit. During these visits we get to know the other ladies, offer support where needed, take them goodies, be a listening ear and just share an uplifting/inspiring church message with them. These once a month visits usually last 30 minutes. We rotate every few months so we can get to know all the ladies! So, this gathering was to inspire the lady members of our church to take time to go and visit their ladies!!
We adorned tables with red plaid and tried to use the theme as much as possible. We had aunt Em’s bread and jam. then had a cupcake with a cute topper for each lady to eat.
Wizard of OZ 2

We did the Wizard of OZ theme and found a skit that we adapted to fit to our own desire. We asked specific ladies in the ward to be our main characters and to put on the skit. They came all dressed up for their roles. Here is a copy of the skit if you would like to use it for your own evening. (It will download in a separate tab)
Wizard of OZ 3

We made little red shoes for each lady to take home with them at the end of the night. They were filled with treats and had a tag saying “There’s no place like your sister’s home” This was to help inspire them to visit the sisters that they are assigned to.
Wizard of OZ 4

To go along with the skit we had trees and apples. We even pinned flying monkeys to the stage curtains.
Wizard of OZ 5

We played a few getting to know you games and had name tags for everyone to wear. We put all the name tags on a huge rolling chalk board and at the end of the night showed all the ladies the name tags that were remaining. We emphasized how many ladies we were missing that didn’t show up and asked the sisters to see if their visiting teaching ladies were there that night or not. If not we encouraged them to take a red shoe to them and show them that we missed having them there that evening. Overall this was a fun, enjoyable evening!

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