You are the Pineapple of my eye

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Not sure why but I’ve been drawn to the Pineapple crafts lately. They scream “Summer” with their bright colors of Yellow! So, I created my own Pineapple craft.
I made this simple enough so even a beginner could follow my instructions and create their own. I started out with a 12″x 12″ plywood board and painted it a lime green. I decided on the 12″x 12″ size because it would match the cricut mat size to make it easier for sizing purposes. Next I found a pineapple on Google images that I liked and imported it into the Cricut design space. I love that Design space allows almost any type of file to be uploaded now. It take away a lot of headache from having to convert images to an SVG file. I think this file was a Jpeg. Which was easy! I manipulated the Pineapple to the size I desired and cut it out using contact paper.

Once cut I transferred the outer part of the contact paper (used as a template) and applied it to the dried / painted board. I pushed the pineapple to the left of the board to give myself some room on the right of the board for my wording. I then painted in the pineapple with yellow paint and the stem in brown. While the yellow paint was still wet I sprinkled some sequins on the pineapple. I just had to add a little bit of bling bling! Before the pineapple was dry I removed the template and let it finish drying completely.

Lime green pineapple board

While it was drying I got to work on the phrase “You are the Pineapple of my eye” I measured from the edge of the pineapple to the edge of the board so I knew how much room I had for the wording. I ended up just cutting the words out of vinyl to put along the side of the pineapple. I used the basic font (that doesn’t cost) in the cricut design space and typed it out. not all of my sequins didn’t stay on like I wanted it to so next time I may add some glue to the sequins

Once my entire project was dry I took some sandpaper to the edges and over the top of the pineapple to give it a little bit of worn look
So happy summer isn’t quite over yet!

Pineapple of my eye

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