Advice from a Pumpkin Home Decor Wood Sign

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Our friend Liz showed us this darling saying about advice from a pumpkin and she was just dying to make it! I have no idea where she saw it from for us to give credit but we were able to see a picture.  Off to the Pallet yard Krystal and I went to find free wood (yet not necessarily pallet wood). We were lucky enough to find this insanely large piece of pine at the pallet yard for free! Take a look at this photo to see how large it is before cutting it!

are we crazy or what

Imagine two women trying to get this home and then cutting it themselves on the table saw!!! (quite the visual)  I’m still laughing at how ridiculous we probably looked but hey anything for free wood! I know my husband was impressed that I cut this into pieces. But of course being the awesome husband he is.. he finished nailing/screwing them together for me.

The three pine wood pieces are held together with wood slats across the back and three screws into the back of each one. They stand aprox. 4 ft. Tall and are 1 & 1/2 feet wide.  You even get a glimpse of me painting one of these babies in this picture below! Of course talking my head off!

Advice from a pumpkin template

To make the Advice from a Pumpkin we each painted a board with a cream colored paint and then let them dry. Krystal used her awesome talents and created a template on her personal cutting machine.  This is the point that some people would just quit and pay someone else to do it. BUT they do not get the satisfaction of doing it themselves without spending the money! Plus it allows us friends to spend more time together doing what we love!  If you are a true crafter you will understand the insanity of creating it yourself!

We do paper templates to save money but sometimes I wonder if they are a hassle? They don’t stick to the wood like a vinyl template does but either way it works. You just need a little touch up afterwards for the bleed through of the paint. I picked an assortment of colors to paint each word in and once the template was in place went to town on painting the board. Now this is the easiest part and I would have to say the most fun!

We never wait for the paint to dry to take the template off mostly because sometimes the paint will dry to both the template and the board and once dry will peel paint off when removing the template. So, we remove the template when still wet.  If there is any bleed through (which there usually is when we do projects like this) we let the craft dry then do touch up around the edges.

advice from a pumpkin

Such a cute cute addition to my fall decor’ I love that this can be used in September, October and November! I also think that a pumpkin is pretty smart to give such great advice don’t you? I love Advice from a pumpkin!


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