Come What May and Love it Trendy Wood sign

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trendy wood signSeeing these rustic wood trimmed signs all over the place just makes me really excited.   Along with one of my favorite phrases Come What May and love it!  One of the things I love about the rustic trend that is happening is not everything has to be or look perfect.  The weathered wood over run paint and even texture gives these projects so much character.  It is also a crafter’s dream to have a little paint run or not have it come out perfect and to be able to say oh I made it that way on purpose (wink wink)!  Let’s give one of these wood trimmed signs a whirl.

I dove into my wood pile and choose 3 pieces of my hard wood flooring leftovers, You’ll want to glue them together and cut them down to size.  That is if you are using wood flooring also. Doubting you are – just find wood that fits your size.  Tack strip is what I used for my border. It is easy to measure and cut to make the frame for any rustic board. At this point I was going to give this sign to my friend for her birthday.

Knowing she would love the quote “Come What May and Love it”.  I am sure you have all seen or heard it before,  I knew the “Come what may & love it”  would be very fitting for her.  I decided to paint my board white and the 4 trim or frame pieces red.   I set up a template with the quote on my personal cutting machine using 2 different fonts and resized some of the words in a fun way.  I cut most of the wording in black vinyl and then cut the word love in red vinyl   After the paint was dry I centered the wording and applied it on to the board. Last I used liquid nail glue to attach the red trim or frame to my trendy rustic sign.  I love how it turned out and can’t wait to experiment with other designs and quotes.

trendy wood sign suppliesTrendy rustic wood sign

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