Annual Halloween Party and the unknown Witch who crashed it – 2015

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It is that time of year again when we adorn our bodies in all sorts of fun costumes, make up, accessories and masks for our annual Halloween party! Although this year had a twist. To kick of this year here are Mine and Krystal’s costumes!  We went as Jack (Sandyclaws) and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas!

Jack and sally

This year’s annual ladies only Halloween party was yet another success! Although, I do have to say there was a HUGE twist in this year’s party that had everyone intrigued, nervous, and skeptical.  Let me say first off I had NO part in this twist in the party so it made it even more creepy!

Let me start with the party it’s self before I get into the plot twist.  You can see our other Halloween parties by clicking on these links 2014 / 2012   / 2011  For some reason I never blogged about 2013’s Party.  This was our 5th annual Halloween party and we had 26 guests total show up. Krystal and I (Avry) host this party like we usually do so there were 28 of us. ONE UNINVITED!!

Krystal and I began making crafts for this early enough to produce over 90 crafts.. Okay let’s be honest… We made these crafts in less than 3 weeks!! AHHHH yeah we procrastinated BIG TIME this year. BUT… We pulled it off!

Invitations went out about 2 weeks before the event and the theme this year was “Dressed to Kill” So whatever everyone’s take on that was.  As the guests arrived we gave each of them a sticker that had a number on it and a Halloween tattoo for their skin. We made the tattoos using tattoo paper and printing them off of our computer.

Halloween Tattoos


Then right in the entry way at the door each guest had the opportunity to guess how many candies were in each jar and whomever had the closest guess won that candy jar.  Each jar (except 2) had a face on them with coordinating candy inside.

Halloween guessing candy

After all of our guests that had RSVP’d arrived we told them to go ahead and grab a plate of food. To make the evening simpler for ourselves we asked each of the guests to bring a treat to share. Some of the invitations asked for a salty treat and some invitations asked for a sweet treat. Here are some of the awesome treats that showed up!

Halloween food

The party was well under way and everyone had sat down with their plates when the doorbell rang. It was approximately 7:30 p.m. and Krystal went to open the door… when This Masked witch pushed her way through the door and walked right into the party!

Mysterious witch

She wouldn’t speak a word! NOT ONE WORD!! She was covered from head to toe in all black and she had a fake chest and buttocks so we couldn’t figure out who she was. My heart skipped a beat wondering who it could be? Who didn’t RSVP? Who would do this? Who would show up unannounced and uninvited?

Krystal and I went back into my laundry room to try to figure out who it could be deciding no matter what we were going to have fun with it! So … the mystery started for the next 40 minutes the guests tried to figure out who this witch was! Anytime anyone would try to lift up her veil she would attack. She used her hands and made gestures when she wanted something. Guests were shouting out names of who they thought it could be and she would just shake her head no. She would stir her cauldron with her huge stick and pet her raven. She would act like she was casting spells and had every single one of us intrigued.

At moments it was hilarious ! Other moments I watched guests devour their maps on their phones to try and figure out who it could be. Realizing I had people from the old neighborhood and the new neighborhood at the party. I began to ask the witch if they knew people in the room and she would shake her head yes.

Guessing she had to be someone from the neighborhood. I asked her if she knew someone from the old neighborhood and she said yes but she also knew people from the new neighborhood so that is where we got confused.

whos that witch

She had us going good. After about 30 minutes the worrying set in that someone  was mad that they weren’t invited so they were there to crash our party. Realizing that even if that was the case it was okay and they might as well join in on the fun. Sitting next to a neighbor of mine, she leaned over and said “You don’t think that is your mom do you?” I shrugged it off because my mother lives 3 hours away and was cooking soup that night for my brother and his wife.

I told my neighbor that the fingers were way too long to be my mothers. But I did notice this lady had a small frame. It was too hard to tell her height because she was so hunched over! Looking at my sister – whom was sitting across the room I mouthed to her. “Do you think that could be mom”? She didn’t hesitate and said “I don’t know but I’m going to find out” My sister knew that a lot of people in my neighborhood didn’t know her so if they knew her it would be a shock.

My sister marched right up to this intruder and said “Do you know me?”  The witch then shook her head YES!!! My sister jumped right on her lap and screamed “MOM”!  Then burst into tears. My mom removed her veil and I went flying out of my seat across the room to join the joyous moment. I was squealing and jumping up and down!! HOW on earth did my mom drive 3 hours and pull this off without us figuring it out? I don’t get to see my mom as often as I would like so it was so much fun to have her there!

My Mother had a few people involved in making this happen. Her friends helped her gather the right outfit, she changed behind the local Wal-mart and drove up the street to hide her car.  At 8:15 p.m. I looked at the clock and realized she had fooled us all for over 40 minutes! WHEW! SHE AMAZES ME!

Onward and upward with the rest of the night.

We played a bundle of games including pop the balloon for a prize, Ugliest toes, cutest toes, cutest nails, ugliest nails, funniest joke, and this fun team game of decorating a pumpkin!  each game / contest won prizes!

pumpkin decorating


We had some funny pumpkins!  Including a Queen pumpkin, a seasonal pumpkin, a Pinocchio looking pumpkin and a pumpkin web that said “boo”.  The winners were the team who created all different seasons on their pumpkin!


We gave away more prizes by having them find the prize that had their matching tattoo on it. They had to search for their prize which was fun! Here is our prize tables.  (Please note we use free wood that is from a local pallet place. Also items from garage sales that we refurbish.

Our cost was only in Vinyl a little fabric and candy) Krystal is awesome at buying discounted candy so that saved on the budget! We spent probably less than $75.00 on this entire party.

Prize tableOur goal at the end of the night for our annual party is to have each guest go home with at least two prizes and also a party favor. Luckily we are always successful in each guest going home with many prizes! We sent each lady home with these fun filled favors. Krystal made the Tags which we will be offering a free printable for in another post! So keep your eyes open for that!

Party Favors


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