The Witching Hour Clock

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the witching hour clock board

Sometimes I can be a hoarder, not a bad hoarder with piles and stacks everywhere your look.  I am a basement hoarder and I hoard craft supplies and home décor items.  It’s so hard when you yard sale and see items that are .25-$1 and you know you shouldn’t get them but they are such a deal!   Most of time I buy things without having a clue what I will do with it.   That is the story with this clock,  it is quite a large clock.  I found it at a yard sale about 2 years ago, it was marked $1 and how could I pass up a deal like that.   Here that clock has sat in the craft room for 2 years!!!  I have looked and thought about what I do or make with it several times, but none of those ideas were the right fit!

clock witching hour

I had made and stained this board for another Halloween project I was going to make.  When it hit me the clock was the perfect size to be mounted on this board and “The Witching Hour”  some how added onto the board or clock.   I tore apart the clock and pieced together a wording template using my personal cutting machine.  The cut the wording in vinyl and a silver ring in vinyl.   I added the silver ring to hide writing on the face of the clock.  Then I placed the black wording on the face of the clock and put the clock back together.  Next we drilled a large circle in the center of the board.  We mounted the clock on the board using some screws, since it is quite large and heavy I didn’t think that glue would hold it in place.  The hole in the back of the board will allow you to change the batteries.

witching hour clock assembly


I left the clock and board pretty plain, but I am loving how it turned out.  Spooky rustic!!!

the witching hour clock

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