Vintage Sled

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Vintage sled

As I was surfing the pinterest wave this weekend I happened upon fynes designs and her amazing vintage sled.  I have always wanted a vintage sled and I have hunted for years but just like fynes designs said if you want to pay $100-$300 you can have one.  Seeing how that doesn’t quite fit in my budget I wanted to have one without the price tag that was attached. I was amazed at how easy her tutorial was to make your own and for only $10.  I had already capped off my Christmas projects list because I have so many things that I want to make but how could I pass up making this darling vintage sled? I needed to have one!  The vintage sled was then moved to the top of my project to do list now I just needed to get the wood for it.  If you know me I am cheap and I hate spending money on wood and there are plenty of places I can get for FREE by my home.  So instead of buying the wood I had noticed a wood crate that had been sitting by the side of my neighbors home for a little while.  I asked my neighbors if she had plans for the create or if I could have it for a craft project. Thank goodness they were more that willing to part with it.  My sweet husband brought it over to our house and I got to work tearing apart the crate. I printed off fynes designs template and the instructions then traced and cut out all of the wood pieces.  Some how in my haste of making the sled I goofed up and instead of cutting the skis straight on the back end, I curved them like the front.  I didn’t notice this until it was time for assembly and it was too late then.  My vintage sled has it’s own little twist.

building a vintage sled


After all the pieces were cut I followed her design and painted my sled pieces red and brown.  I had such a hard time waiting for my sled pieces to dry!  Next up was assembling the sled. We used liquid nails and a brad nailer to put the sleds together.  I had a metal piece of gutter strapping that I cut down to use as a decorative piece on the front of the sled.  the last thing I did was drill two holes to attach a rope pull for the vintage sleds.  Yes, I ended up making 2 of them.  I knew Avry would want one even thought she has a real vintage sled!

building vintage sled


Over all this was actually a very simple wood project and I would rate my own skill level at a beginner to middle wood craftsman.  It took me about 45 minutes to cut apart the crate and cut out all of the pieces for 2 sleds using a skill saw.  Painting and assembling the sled was about another 30 minutes with dry time in between.  This was a great Saturday afternoon project!   Will you jump in and create you own vintage sled too?

vintage sled and skates

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  1. Angelic Sinova says

    I love how that vintage sled turned down! I used to love going sledding down huge snow hills as a kid. I definitely have the urge to go sledding again now <3

  2. says

    I, too, have been looking for a sled. I haven’t been able to find one here in the southern part of the US. My sister in CO found one and when she went to mail it to me, the shipping cost more than the sled did. So, alas, I’m sled-less. This is a great project for me to try!

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