It’s Mine Coke Kaleidoscope lighted Marquee

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lit up marquee

Have you seen the new “It’s mine” Diet Coke bottles? They are absolutely darling and each bottle has a different unique design. I love the glass bottles because it brings back the classic feel of how long Coke products have been around. We had a little informal Coke get together at my house and sipped on the great tasting Diet Coke. When we were finished I saw all those empty bottles and Krystal had the idea to upcycle those bottles and create a fun lighted Marquee out of them.  We will show you how we took these bottles and created a fun light up heart marquee without altering the bottles!

First we knew we needed enough bottles to create a heart so we went back to Walmart and bought 12 bottles. We found them on the end of the beverage isle on an end cap.


I couldn’t help myself and wanted to see ALL the designs so I asked a clerk if they had more bottles and he wheeled out a pallet of these fun bottles. I had fun sorting through them and picking the perfect colors for the marquee. I love the one’s with aqua and purple colors. Once we drank these bottles of soda we washed them out thoroughly. once they were washed we set them on the counter to dry out.

Its mine

We moved onto finding a thick enough board to house the bottles in as we had a vision of drilling holes into the board and inserting the bottles into the holes.

As you can see in these first few pictures I selected a board that was 18″ x 22″. I wanted to make this as cheap as possible to save on costs so I just found an piece of pressed board in my garage. I traced my heart with a pencil in the center of the board then had my husband drill holes that were 2 1/4″ round along the edge of the heart that I had traced with round card stock circles.

Marquee creation


Once that was completed I sanded the edges of the circles by hand with some sand paper just to smooth them out. Once I sanded them I then laid the board down and painted it black. Now you can use any color of paint you would like but black is what I had on hand.

marquee bottles in holes

I let the board dry for a day or two (actually life got in the way of me doing this all in one night) When I decided to finish this project I took the bottles and lined them up on the floor in the heart shaped pattern and placed the board face down (black facing the ground) and lined the bottles up with the holes. At this point we took liquid nails and glued in each bottle to the rim of the holes. We let it sit overnight to dry.

back side of board

The next day when  we turned the project over we were so excited to see how awesome this was coming together!! the bottles wiggled just a little bit so we took the marquee inside and did some hot glue around the cracks in the liquid nails to make sure those bottles were sealed in there tightly.

adding lights to marquee


At this point we took a strand of Christmas light (that we found in the basement) and pushed 4 lights into the tops of each bottle. Oh how fun they looked when they are all lit up! I felt giddy like a school girl when I saw those bottles glow!! Krystal and I decided it needed some sort of finishing touch so she ran home and found a frame that fit around the board to give it a finished look.

Lighted Marquee

I love the glow at night through the bottles! There is some fun colors and if you look straight on you can see the perfect heart shape and the clear glow at the bottom of the bottle. These pictures don’t even do this board justice it turned out so cute.

Coke inspired masterpiece

Before you throw out those empty glass Coke bottles think of all the possibilities that you can create with them. They make cute vases, you can fill them with candy once you drink the soda. You can fill them with soap and attach a soap dispenser to the top, you can make hanging pendant lights out of them or even a fun party garland! They make great centerpieces or you can go the distance and make a darling marquee in the shape of the moon or a heart like we did!  Think of all the possibilities with these fun It’s mine Diet Coke bottles.

So, get out there and get your “It’s Mine” Diet Coke bottles and feel free to share your masterpiece with us on the Unique Diet Coke Picture Mosaic which is hosted on the Coca-Cola website.


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