Vital Power Tools for DIY Projects

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Vital Power Tools for DIY Projects

Power tools are essential pieces of equipment to have at home, especially if you’re planning to go the do-it-yourself route and/or would want to build a decent collection. In a perfect world, there are a lot of things to love about turning something out of nothing. You get the chance to showcase your creativity, hone your craft, and come up with useful things at home. Health and wellness website, Care2, lists the handful of benefits that comes from producing things by hand. Basically, the article highlights the personal connection you’ll have with the project, the skills you’ll learn along the way, and the feeling of accomplishment in the end. But for you to really embrace all these advantages, everything starts with your desire for building DIY crafts and continues with your knowledge of having the right set of power tools. With that, here are some vital power tools for do-it-yourself projects.

Nail Gun and Air Compressor

A nail gun and air compressor tandem gives you more than enough power to install crown molding and baseboards, as well as framed doorways. Make sure to pick up a decent compressor package, one that has – at the very least – a 16-gauge finishing and can shoot up to two-inch nails. This will probably be your most used power tool out of everything on the list.

Band saw

To start, Band saws are separated into three categories: bench-top, stand-mounted, and floor standing. Each has its pros and cons depending on your preferred usage. Ideally, knowing how to operate this power tool presents you endless possibilities in terms of creating beautiful wooden drawers and closets. Screwfix, a UK-based multi-channel retailer of hardware products, actually puts it best, Band saws “are a great piece of kit to have in your workshop,” and can be priceless when it comes to cutting materials of varying thicknesses.

Rotary Sander

Rotary sanders are another must-have item for DIYers of all levels. Whether you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or just buff out a kitchen countertop, this power tool has the versatility for almost all sorts of job. When choosing one, consider the weight and its longevity. It’s highly recommended that you opt for a five-inch sander (or a palm sander), as it’s more compact and easier to use than the six-inch variant.

Paint Sprayer

There are tons of paint sprayers out in the market today, that’s why choosing one can be quite overwhelming. However, if you intend to spruce up basic furniture and small projects, a siphon gun is your safest bet. This one uses regular pint-size Mason jars so you won’t have to look for special containers for the paint. Furthermore, you can assign colors inside different jars so you can easily switch and store whenever needed.



Be sure to check out the DIY blog, CraftYourself, for more painting tips and inspirations.

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