Life’s Lesson’s Garden Stake

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My yard and garden are in full bloom! I love walking out in the soft green grass and looking at all the colors! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I love to garden. There is something therapeutic about getting down into the dirt and digging out the weeds. My favorite time to be out in my yard is in the early morning when it is still cool. Everything is still damp from the sprinklers the night before, the air is perfect and it is so quiet because everything is just waking up for the day.


Every now and again I like to add a fun garden stake, colorful pots or some cute garden décor so when Krystal showed me some cute garden quotes I knew I had to put them on a garden stake and add it to my yard!

Garden Stake
First off we narrowed it down to three sayings that we wanted on the garden stake and rounded up three rectangle boards. We wanted the garden stake to be fun and different so we didn’t use the same sizes of boards on the stake. As you can see in the picture they vary in size. We picked out what colors we wanted to paint our boards then painted the tops of them.

While the paint was drying we picked out some coordinating vinyl colors and loaded the vinyl onto my personal cutting machine. We chose what size of font to use for each saying and then measured our boards to determine the size our lettering needed to be. (This can easily be done by just measuring your board)

Once our boards were dry we applied the vinyl lettering to each board then sealed the boards (overtop of the vinyl and paint) to help prevent weathering of the stakes where they were going to be used out in our flower beds / gardens.

Gardeners know the best dirt

I had my husband pick me up some 1″ x 2″ Furring strips of Wood to use as our actual stake to put into the ground. We cut each stake to 4 ft. then cut off the bottom of the stake to a point so it would be easier to push into the ground. Once the stake was cut to our desired length we put each wooden board into place (spacing them evenly) and used a Nailer to nail the boards to the stake. Once this was done it was ready to put out in the garden! I also knew my mother would love something like this so I ended up making her one for mother’ day.

It has made a fun conversation piece at my home!

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