DIY – Flakes and Flurries Winter Wood Sign

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January is blue.. Literally I take down all the Christmas Decorations and I feel a little bit of a let down that all the beautiful décor is gone. Last year I made it a goal to decorate in winter, snowflake, snowmen and ice skating themed crafts to keep my spirits up. It helped a lot last year to have new colorful decorations to put up after the hype of Christmas was over. It’s been fun incorporating different hues of blue and aqua colors into my home during the month of January. I’ve loved watching all the Flakes and Flurries come down from the sky so that too helps me enjoy Winter a bit more.

This next little sign’s inspiration came from all the snow we’ve been blessed with over the past week or so. We’ve had tons of flakes falling from the sky and small flurries here and there. Krystal and I had a craft night where we assembled these fun January signs.


First take any kind of wood you choose (we used left over wood flooring slats) Each floor slat measures 12″x 3″ and we used 6 slats total.


Next gather 3 different paint colors (I chose blue to keep in the January blue theme) I then painted 2 slats of one color then moved onto the next 2 slats and painted them a different color. Using the same process until all 6 slats were painted.



After paint dried we glued all 6 slats together and let them dry. The overall dimensions came to 12″x 18″  Krystal had a few wood laser cut Christmas pre-cut snowflakes that we painted white and glittered to put in the center of the sign.



While the board is drying we used this time to cut out they vinyl on your personal cutting machine I used the font “Rochester”, but you can use whatever font you want.  Pick the font you want and cut out the width of your choice.  Our font came out to 3″ x 10″


I love how the “Flakes and Flurries” Sign turned out and it added to the winter décor I have. Do you decorate for Winter after Christmas or do you go straight into Valentines?

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