Life Lesson’s from a Snowman Sign – DIY

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There is still a lot of snow on the ground and it looks like we may have more in the forecast! Going along with the Winter / Snowman theme for January, Krystal and I decided to use the back sides of our Pumpkin Boards to make a Snowman craft. These boards stand They stand approx. 4 ft. Tall and are 1 & 1/2 ft. wide We flipped them over and added pine to the backs of the board. They are extra sturdy!
The theme we used for this idea was “Life Lesson’s from a Snowman” I know there are several other version’s of this rolling around the internet but this is our version! If you follow our blog January is a month of shades of turquoise, teals & blues so we automatically knew what colors we were going to use.

Life lessons from a snowman
After My hubby put his mad skills to use and added the pine onto the back’s of the Pumpkin Board sign I was ready to rock and roll!

Life lessons from a snowman assembly

I painted to boards white and let them dry for a day or two. Once they were dry I hauled them over to Krystal’s house.

snowman boards white

We set out to add the lettering and cute Snowflakes. Unlike the Pumpkin boards we decided to forgo the hand painting using a stencil and cut the words using Vinyl. It went to much faster and was a much smoother process. We did use a template to paint on the snowflakes and while they were drying we cut out the lettering on a personal cutting machine.

snowman board painting snowflakes

After the cutting of the lettering was done it was all about peeling and aligning the vinyl on right.

snowman board vinyl

Do you ever have those crafting days where things just aren’t going very well? Well this was one of those nights for me. I got frustrated because I couldn’t get my letters to line up! I had zero crafting mojo and felt out of sorts that day. So, we boycotted finishing them until another day and took our hubby’s to the movies!!
Life lessons snowman

Ha… until today- This “Life Lesson’s from a Snowman” showed up on my front porch finished. Ha! Krystal knew my frustrations on this project and finished it for me. She added a touch of glitter to each of the snowflakes.

snowman board glitter

Seriously loving this beauty on my front porch. ot

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