St. Patrick’s Day Wood and Vinyl Clover Sign

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Is it a Shamrock or a Clover? I became curious after Krystal and I whipped up this cute sign. I wondered if Shamrock was the same thing as a Clover and I learned that they are yet they aren’t! You see Shamrocks are an abundance of the green little Shamrock’s with 3 leaves. Where a Clover is also known as a “Lucky ” or “4 Leafed”.  According to the Metro The Shamrock is associated with Ireland and the Irish because Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, is said to have used the plant as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Interesting and I must say I’m still trying to figure it all out!!

Clover decor

Either way we thought that the word Clover would be perfect on a St. Patrick’s day sign! I do believe that sometimes we do get lucky in life. This sign is made from a 12″ left over floor board (from hardwood flooring) although you could make your sign out of any wood of your choice.

Paint it black and let it dry! While drying you’ll want to find an image of a Clover (or two).You’ll want an SVG file so you can use it on your personal cutting machine. There were so many cute images! We chose to do 4 Clover’s in a row across the entire board using a dark green paint.  If you choose the same idea you’ll want to remove the Clover’s from the mat and just use the outer part of your paper for a template. We used Aleene’s tack it glue to take the template down to the board so we could get a cleaner line without any bleed through of paint.

Clover sign process

Remove the template and let the green paint dry. While the board is drying from the second stage, it is a great time to go back to your computer and find the font you would like to use for your lettering. Type in the word “Clover” and use the color of Vinyl that you wish. As you can see we chose white so it would pop!

Clover Vinyl


Honestly the longest part of this craft was the drying time of the paint. It went so smoothly together and it looks darling perched up on my shelf! Have you begun to decorate for St. Patrick’s? What creative ideas have you come up with?


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