Valentine’s Wood heart cut out with Embossed Metal

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Valentine’s Wood Heart Cut Out With Embossed Metal

heart cut out with tin

I am always looking for ways to use up wood scraps and other leftover craft supplies. I had a few fence post boards that were cut into small sections, and I knew that they were a great size to make a Valentine’s wood heart for Valentine’s day. To make this Valentine’s wood heart, first of all measure the boards to your desired length. Next you’ll want to cut a heart template out of paper that would fit in the center of your board. At this point trace the heart pattern on the board and then cut the traced heart out of the center.

heart cut out trace

To make the heart cutting process easier I drilled a hole in the center of the wood where the heart was drawn on. By drilling a hole you will also be able to get the blade of the jig saw into the center of the heart.

heart cut out drill

heart cut out saw

The board was really fun with just the heart cut out. You could stop at that point if you wanted to.

heart cut out

If you want to paint your board like mine it is easy! The method I used was to dry brush my board (using white paint). This gave the board a shabby farm house look. While the board dries you’ll want to gather some cleaned and dried out Aluminum soda cans. Cut the top and bottom off of the aluminum can as this will give you a strip of aluminum. Using an embosser run the aluminum through the embosser. I ran aluminum through my Cricut Cuttlebug using a Moroccan tile design embossing folder.

Due to the size of the can my pieces of Aluminum were not large enough to fill the size of my heart, therefore I used E6000 and glued two pieces of aluminum together. In the final steps you’ll want to use hot glue to attach the embossed metal. This embossed metal will glue onto to the back of the heart.  Last you can tie several pieces of ribbon and tulle around the board to cover the line where the two pieces of aluminum come together.

heart cut out up close

No doubt it is always fun to create crafts using left over scraps! This Valentine’s heart turned out really cute! what have you created with your leftover craft supplies?

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