DIY Glittered Bunny Ears Easter Decoration

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Don’t you just love it when something sparks your creativity?  While browsing the web for Easter decoration ideas I was looking at a picture to realize that only half of the picture was on my computer screen.  What I thought was just bunny ears was actually a whole wooden bunny! I loved the idea of just a set of wooden bunny ears as a decoration instead of a whole bunny.  So, I decided to create my own template and made these DIY Glittered Bunny Ears Easter Decoration.

Diy glittered bunny ears easter decoration

To make your own DIY Glittered Bunny Ears Easter Decoration you will need:

Press board or other wood

White paint

Pink paint

Pink glitter

Ribbon of your choice

Jig saw or a Scroll saw

Electric sander

Hot glue gun and glue

To get started I free-handed a bunny ears template my template measures 10 inches tall by 11 1/2 inches wide.  You can draw your ears however you would like and to the size you like!  You’ll want to trace your pattern onto any type of board that will stand on it’s own.  I happened to use  an old piece of press board shelving that I had on hand.

ears template

After the bunny is traced onto the wood you’ll want to cut it using either a jig saw or a scroll saw. (I cut out my bunny ears using a jig saw).

ears cut out

Once the ears are cut you’ll want to us an electric sander and clean up the edges of the bunny ears. (If you don’t have an electric sander that is okay you can sand them by hand). This makes the ears smooth and easier to apply the paint.

ears sanding

Blow off all the wood dust after sanding and paint the bunny ears white and then let them completely dry.

ears paint

Touch the ears to make sure they are completely dry then using pink paint just free hand paint the center of the bunny ears on. If you are uncomfortable free handing this part then you can create a template again and trace it onto the white wood.  The pencil tracing will not show through your pink paint once painted.

ears pink center paint

While the pink paint is still wet sprinkle a fine pink glitter over the pink paint. Tap off any excess glitter onto a piece of paper because you can use that again for another project!

ears glitter

Last use a 2″ inch ribbon of your choice and  tied a bow all the way around the bunny ears . To finish up the bow and hold it into place use a dab of  hot glue and it will stay just how you like it!

ears attach bowI love the idea of a set of bunny ears sitting on my fireplace mantel.  How will you decorate with your DIY Glittered Bunny Ears Easter Decoration?

glittered bunny ears

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